Year 3 School Linking Project

This week, Year 3 took part in the School Linking Project with a school in Manningham, Westbourne Primary School. The School Linking Project is all about meeting children from different parts of our city and getting to know what they are like. We’ve been taking part in it for 4 years!
They all met at Nell Bank, which is also where you go for the first residential in Year 4.
It was a cold day so all the children came wrapped up warm.Throughout the day they did a number of activities with children from Westbourne Primary. They got to play a game called Apple pie., to play apple pie you had to say ‘Apple Pie!’ in a strange voice while everyone else had their back turned then everyone turns around and has to figure out who it was that said it. Other activities included a scavenger hunt, adventure playground, and a woodland walk with a stick tower challenge. Everyone, including the staff, had a great day!

by Alex and Adam

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