Safer Internet Day 2017

On Tuesday it was the national  Safer Internet Day! Mr Lowe and the Digital Leaders started the day of with a morning assembly all about E-safety. It is all about sharing images online and also talked about sharing other pieces of personal information such as; where you live, your age and full name. They spoke about making sure you get permission from friends to post pictures of you and them and to make sure your pictures don’t give too much information away about yourself.
Through the week and the next few weeks a policeman (Luke Carson) will be coming into KS2 classes and talking to us about being safe and smart on the internet. He also did a quiz on our internet safety  knowledge.
On Wednesday, Mr Lowe finished the day off with another assembly, this one was all about our digital footprints and how they can effect the rest of your life. Did you know that any information you put online or someone else puts online about you can make your digital footprint even bigger?. And did you know that when you are older people offering you jobs can look at your digital footprint to see if you are being positive or negative online.

Remember stay safe on the internet and NOT to give PERSONAL info away!

By Alex





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