Luke Carson talks to Year 5

On Thursday (9th of March 2017) Luke Carson, the amazing and responsible police officer, came into teach year 5 all about online bulling, which is a very devastating thing that happens all around the world. Sometimes people can be so unhappy that they commit suicide, which is never the answer.  If you feel like you are been bullied then speak out you never are alone! If you feel you can not talk to your parents then talk to your teacher or your friends.

First, as a table, we combined our brains to complete a hard puzzle.We had to wisely join the crime names to what they were and also to how long they would go to jail for. Though as it is, we all managed to complete the challenge. Next we watched a very emotional video off a poor, young,rejected and lonely boy who, every time a horrible thing popped up on the scream of his new phone (like a message saying you’re ugly), got hurt on the inside and outside. This was to show us how bad it can damage feelings inside. Sadly, this affects many people. We also found out that the majority of online bullies are actually girls but that’s not to see that boys don’t do it too.
If you have ever sent one of these nasty messages or are thinking about it then STOP and think how you would feel if someone consistently was sending horrid messages to you.

We thank the great officer Luke Carson for coming in to show us why we should not bully and for telling us what do if we feel we (or our friends) are being bullied online. And remember if you see something we don’t like on a device TURN OFF AND TELL!

Bye Emily Mae 🙂

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