Fame trip for Year 5 and 6!

This week Year 5 and 6 were invited down to Immanuel College to watch their production of ‘Fame! The Musical’.

On Thursday 30th we all walked down to Immanuel wondering what we would see! It was a very good show about a stage school and I would rate the performance and story 9/10! in the play about 4 people played the part of teachers and one of the main characters actually had dyslexia! It was all acted very well; one of the girl characters in the play, who was actually very poor, wanted to look posh so her dad worked as a chauffeur and dropped her off in a limo every morning! Also, one of the teacher characters invited the girl with dyslexia to a dance competition but she couldn’t go because she failed in reading! It was a very good show and I would love to go again!

By Adam

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