Year 5 & 6 Netball Festival

On Wednesday, the talented year 5 Netball Team went to a festival at Woodhouse Grove. They had lots of training over the past few weeks with Miss Dobson and the year 6 Netball Team and have come very far. They started off a bit rocky, but eventually became confident and an unstoppable group as they began to win all of their games! Ben in 5H was a scoring machine! – quoted Mrs Russell. Fortunately, this meant that they would go to the finals! Winning the rest of their games, the last goal was scored in the final 20 seconds! The final results were Blakehill second and Cavendish first place. Well done year 5 for representing Blakehill very well!

Then on Thursday the year six team went to Hanson for a third time! They were fortunate as one of the teams didn’t turn up which meant they got a 3-0 win! On their first game, they won 6-0 due to their shooting practise! Next, they went on to play Cavendish! The score was 2-1 to Blakehill! Finally, we played Thackley! The score was 5-1 to Thackley which meant that Blakehill came 6th out of 14 schools! We are all very proud of you!#welldoneblakehill

By Emily and Adam

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