Year 1’s amazing trip to Skipton Castle

Scorching sun poured through the clear window casting shadows on the cream wall, Year 1 were already at school!  Packing into the small, tight and full bus they set off for a huge adventure to a ancient castle. Ready for what came their way a rose-red smile spreed across every face.HOLT! They came to a stop after miles of boring travelling they had finally arrived for a fantastic day out. Are you wondering why they were at Skipton Castle? Its easy, they have been learning all about knights!

They all had a fantastic morning tour around the castle. They are such lucky people going on a wonderful trip like this they even got to see this massive fire which is how they cooked food and a very important tree left standing for more than 300 years! Yes you did read correctly – 300 years. They learnt lots and lots of new thing whilst on their trip.

Like hungry beasts they clambered to the dinner hall, ready to take bites out of their sandwiches. After lunch, they did some great drawings of different things they saw around the castle grounds and the castle itself, we have some brilliant artists in this year and I am excited to get a glimpse of the art! After all this fun packed adventure all they could think about was sleeping. Exhausted, they got on the purple and white bus once more before they were home. Blake was so tired he could not help drifting off. They had a lovely time and are already looking forward to the next adventure.

By Emily Mae

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