Year 3 School Linking Project

On Wednesday, Year 3 met up with Westbourne Primary School for the School Linking Project. This year, Blakehill was hosting and they had a fantastic time meeting new people and doing the fun activities together. To start off they did some sports games outside on the field. This included a challenging obstacle course, full of different twists and turns. They did pass the hula hoop where you cannot use your hands and have to pass the hoop around the circle. It’s tricky! They looked like jelly men wiggling around!

As well as this, they did pebble painting which was based on a book called Only You. This story was all about you being yourself and persevering to be the best you can. We recommend this book, it makes you feel good about yourself! They designed each pebble to make it look like a part of a picture and turned out really well! Take a look at the display by the school office to find out more about what they did and how! A while after, they designed their own pebble to remember their school linking and their new friend!

After, they began to do some Lego. This included trying to design their ideal school that they would go to everyday and maybe even live there! They found this really fun and loved to try out the different designs that they could make with each colour of the lego bricks!

To wrap it all up, each pupil designed a hand, recording their favourite food, favourite television show, their name, favourite thing to do and their friend. After, all of the teachers collected them up and made it into a beautiful, colourful display to show off to their schools!

Sadly, this would be the very last time they saw their new friends through the School Linking Project but I’m sure they will all have fantastic memories of their time together. Good luck in your future life.

By Mckensey and Emily Mae

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