Luke Carson Visits Blakehill

Yesterday, Luke Carson and one of his colleagues (nicknamed Ginge) came to visit Year 5 at Blakehill to talk all about cyber bulling and internet safety. To start off, he showed us alot of the technology from the 90’s (when your parents were probably little, or your older siblings!). Here are a few examples: Mario Kart (and the Super Mario), Nokia (known as the Nokia brick), Nintendo SNEZ, N64, PS1. Good old 90’s. Also there was a tamagotchi, which you had to look after like a pet and Snake the Game, which you could play on your ‘Nokia Brick’. We all know it’s still a popular game, even though its old!

Then we went on to discussing the good and bad things about posting pictures and going on online games. It’s not a bad thing to be online but you must make sure that you stay safe and only talk to people you know. The good thing about being online is that you can communicate with your friends and family but only when making sure it’s the real them!

After this, we moved on to an age restriction quiz. This surprised many people as things like Youtube were a 13+! We had around 8 apps to connect to their names and then to the age restrictions. However, alot of things that year 5 and 6 and even 3 and 4 use were over their ages! Most of us got this quiz wrong, as when we are on the internet, we think it is ok to go on the things we like but sometimes it’s really not and we don’t know!

Remember kids, to be safe on the internet and don’t get yourself into trouble! If you don’t like or see something when you are on the inter web, turn off and tell!

By Mckensey and Emily Mae


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