2S Class Assembly.

Today Mrs Scott’s class held a fantastic assembly all about Health week,(that has been this week). TO start of their assembly they explained what your body needs to stay healthy and spoke about the different food groups eg: carbohydrate and protein. They told us how to keep fit and told us they have been doing a daily mile, like other classes, for a whole week! They then told the audience about a boot camp training session they had done with Steve O, a personal trainer, from Kents fitness gym! After all of this, they told us how important sleeping is and told everyone, very strictly, to go to bed at 7 O’clock so that we get enough sleep! “NEVER” they said, I don’t blame them! As part of their health week they made fruit kababs made out of  delicious fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and so on. They cut open fruit  to see what it look like and they got told they had to draw a picture, which all turned out like master pieces! To finish their fantastic assembly they sang a song about staying healthy.

By Alex

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