3P Class Assembly

This afternoon, Friday 30th of 2017, 3P have put on a interesting, fact-filled  and jazzy show all about stone age! After the Ice age that change humanity, Stone-Age came along and people began using stone. We learnt that stone is very important and we even have it today it is very popular that you will see a stone building ( from Stone-Age or Anglo Saxons) they did a bit on their ancestors and looked back in time. To do this project, they read a very satisfying book about a boy whom travelled back in time to Stone-Age He learnt that it was very different  back then and we should respect how lucky we are today.

Next we met two families who were from different time periods, the Stone-Age and the other from the modern age(now). We realise how different they are so somebody was playing with a coconut and a stick while another watched TV. A child had a new iPad and said ‘it had a fish in it a game,’ but the other person did not understand this and asked ‘Why is there no water or fish falling out?’
Two people talked about metal , about tea time and some one was confused with a iPod and how could they fit musicians in the tiny little thing.

They even did some fantastic art about Stone-Age it was so creative. If you came to the assembly please drop a comment down below about what you thought. This was a great assembly and we are excited about their next one in Year 4.

by Alex and Emily Mae

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