2018 Young Voices

Songs playing through our heads from the Young Voices sheet, we jumped off the bus ready to sing. After an adventures few months of hard work and practice, we headed into Sheffield Arena.Once we had found our seats, we ate our lunch with excitement glowing within us. Starting rehearsals (which took forever)with the young voices choir,was very fun! We met some famous people called Natalie Williams , Magnet and Alfie . Magnet were a group of people who made crazy noises with their mouths, beat boxers! Natalie was a great, confident and powerful singer and Alfie was spotted on a video that when viral he was fabulous.

Exhausted,after the long rehearsals we ate our tea before our parents and guests started to arrive and then in no time at all the concert began. Roaring crowds sat below us, all exited to see their children sing their hearts out. Dancing and singing all night long,was great it fulled us with joy and passion. Fancy lights flashed across us in all different colours: red, blue, pink and yellow. It was so fun to sing with different schools from all over Yorkshire.

Finishing our wonderful night, we clambered on the coach home. At around 10:30 we pulled up back at school. It was a very eventful night and we had all had a fantastic time.

By Pasha and Emily Mae

Young Voices 2018 from Blakehill School on Vimeo.


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