RD Class Assembly

Today was RD’s class assembly where we learnt about what they have done these last couple of months and the books they have read. At first, they talked about the brilliant way Reception Class have learnt how to spell all their sounds and letters; a girl even held up some letter cards while the class showed the audience how they remembered them all. On the other side of the hall, a boy went to write a few words they had discovered on their journey through reception.

The children began to talk about the book they had been reading over the past few weeks called Harry And The Dinosaur, which they had really enjoyed learning about. Even children dressed up in multi-coloured dinosaur costumes! One day, Harry went into his attic and discovered a bucket full of toy dinosaurs, which he imagined in his head were real. He went with his mum on holiday but suddenly he began to forget about his bucket full of dinosaurs, leaving the dinosaurs sad and upset. When he arrived home, he started to remember his dinosaurs.

It was a fantastic assembly and they all did a great job! Well done RD!

Emily-Mae and Taylor


RD assembly from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

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