Luke Carson visited Year Six

This afternoon, Year Six had a surprise visit from Luke Carson to talk about e-safety. To start off  we talked about what apps we already had where you can talk online. On the board were a selection of apps that Luke thought we might have such as : Whatsapp, Roblox, Snapchat,Xbox and Movie star planet. After that, we discussed what we thought was the correct age for us and we learnt what ages all the apps were. Luke also asked us if we had any chat rooms or things like facebook. Most of us answered no but a few answered yes and were very shocked to find out the correct ages.

We moved on to our next activity, where we had to choose what we thought would be appropriate to put online. A sheet of paper was placed in front of us, and we ticked what would be appropriate such as our age, first name and cartoon pictures. We learnt the types of personal information we could share. We found this very interesting! The Pegi signs were what we look at next therefore we learnt what all the signs meant and what games included what symbols. Continuing, we talked some more and then in groups we were given a profile picture and underneath some information about the character. We had to decide whether or not we would accept them or not. Finally to finish off the visit, we discussed the importance of being SMART online.

Once again, we thank Luke Carson – a local police officer – for coming in talk to our school.  By Emily Mae


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