Indian Dancing And Drumming Lesson!

This week, in celebration of World Book Day (which was last Friday), Blakehill had some fantastic visitors in school, who taught the school how to do Indian dancing and music. In classes, everybody did some Indian music with a man, and did some drumming and dancing. We learnt that on the left side of the drum it was made of goat skin and the right side was made from plastic. Some drums could be played with your hands but most were played with a hooked stick and a long stick made out of bamboo. He taught us how to play the drums and to play to a similar rhythm as the Indians would. With some time to spare, we also got taught how to do a few moves of Indian dancing such as: screw the lightbulbs,  raise the roof, multi-tasking, put the apple in its basket and wipe and swipe.

Further on in the week, we had another visitor named Kash, a lovely woman who taught us alot on the background of the Sikh religion and how to do proper Indian dancing. We learnt all about the 10 gurus and the Guru Granth Sahib, where the gurus wrote their words of teaching and respect. Kash told us all about the 5 k’s and the aim of the Sikhs religion which was to bring peace, love and respect to everybody and to always be honest. Afterwards, she put on some groovy songs (one of them was called Jai Ho) and stood at the front while we all copied her fantastic dance moves.

The school really enjoyed the visits from Kash and the drum man and loved learning about the Indian culture, and how to dance and play the music like them!

By Mckensey and Pasha



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