Sports Day

This week, every single class has had a go at participating at this years sports day. The classes went out in three groups with two or three classes in it.

Now it is over to our sports woman Libby.

Why thank you Daniel, Jeff, Gregg and Bob.

Today, we are here at Blakehill Primary school, reviewing their sports day activities. As you can see, the children are currently being told what to do in their first games. Lets go over and see what they are up to.

We are here with Year 6 who are going to be demonstrating their athletic skills to us for the rest of the day. First they have, Javelin Throws. Their objective is to throw the large foam darts as far as possible. Wow, Javelin seem to be doing great at this! Lets go and see what they do next.

We have just been informed that the next event is called ‘cone dash’. Their job is to grab as many cones as possible and place them in front of the first person.

Next is the Egg and spoon race, the goal is pretty simple, you have to be as quick as possible in order to win.

After that was a hurdle race, I don’t think I have to explain this to you. Then it was a water race where people had to carry a cup of water through an obstacle course and then pour it into a bucket. Then it was the final race that was a sack race, At the end, the house team that won was… Javelin.

That’s all we have for today.

By Daniel and Libby. G

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