Our New Year’s Resolutions

Hi everybody welcome back and happy new year. On New Years Eve we had a big party and then the the next day we try to think of a New Year’s resolution. In this blog, we are going to tell you what our new year’s resolutions are.


Hi happy new year, I’m going to tell you about my new year resolution so mine is to try get fitter and help mum around the house (because my mum needs help).


Hi everyone, my new years resolution is to help climate change. At home I have been reading a book about a girl called Gretta Thunberg. She is a Swedish girl and wants to help the world. If by 2045 we haven’t helped the world, it wont be a planet.


Hi I’m Ivy and I am going to tell you about my resolutions which are to support charities, donate to homeless people and help around the house (not because my mum needs help).

Have a great new year.

By Ivy, Hannah and Ava

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