1W’S class assembly

This afternoon, 1W preformed an amazing assembly all about what they had done this term. They all remembered their words and were loud enough for us to hear them.

They started off by telling us about when they were learning about the United Kingdom. They told us about which countries were in the UK. In it, there are 5 countries, which are England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. We live in England. Then someone said that they thought we lived in Bradford. Eventhough Bradford is the city that we live in, the country that we live in is England.

After a lot of talking, they started to tell us what book they were learning about. The book was about a girl called Katie who visited London with her little brother and her grandma.

We all loved the assembly and will love to watch it again and hopefully it will be as good as this time.

By Freya and Mollie

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