This week, we went through the conditions of SATS although it wasn’t the real deal. Phew! We were split into 2 separate groups so we could get more support if needed.

There were many teachers there- too many to count. The week began with a spag test which was 45 minutes and it was followed by a spelling test. On Tuesday, we got a rest, thankfully. On Wednesday, we did a reading test which was harder than expected, but not impossible as we persevered. On Thursday, we did paper 1 arithmetic and paper 2 reasoning. Finally, we did the paper 3 reasoning. It was practically the same as paper 2. So there you go, that was our week.

After today, we realized that we have nothing to worry about when May comes around and all we have to do is try our best which we are sure everyone will!

By Avroop and Taylor

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