Year 2 Chocolate Factory

On Tuesday, Year 2 went on a trip to Yorkshire Chocolate Factory and they have told that it is an amazing place to go!

In the morning, Year 2 went to the Chocolate Factory earlier than expected. The coach ride was pretty long but it was sure worth it! The kids got to try some chocolate and even create a chocolate lolly pop and lickable wallpaper. Although most of the kids didn’t actually like the wallpaper, they enjoyed making them!

In the chocolate story, the first class went inside and some workers who make chocolate gave them all a tour. Inside one of the rooms was a circular table with a hole in the middle and small locked hatches. The circular thing was in a dark shadowy extension from a larger room. On the wall on the left was a large pad or screen thing this showed the children a story of the chocolate and how chocolate was made a long time ago.

After lunch, the young kids went and explored some more and they made their chocolate item. later on, they headed home feeling tired but having had a great time!

By Cara, Eleanor and Ivy!

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