Year 2 trip to the Mosque

On Tuesday, 10th March 2020, Year 2 went to the Mosque. 2S went in the morning and 2P went in the afternoon. Let us tell you all about it.

After arriving on the coach, Y2 waited until they got there. Once they arrived at the Mosque, they put a red bandanna over their heads. After that, they went inside the Mosque which was a very pale yellow, green and blue things hung from the ceiling of the holy place. Then some people told them to follow them and they took the children to the praying room. In the room, there was a long, red carpet with patterns and white, decorated pillars that were place around the room. Then, they went into a room with a man who taught them about some holy items like the comb and some children were lucky enough to have it used on them.

After they went to the eating room, where the Muslims ate or whoever joined them that session ate, they finally hopped on the bus to head back to school before 2P arrived. It sounded a fascinating trip.

By Eleanor and Ivy

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