Last Blogging of the Year

We can’t believe we have come to our last blogging session of the year! We have had lots of laughs this year sharing what we have been up to in school, giggling at stories of what we have been up to and singing along to songs as we have worked. Not to mention the biscuits and treats we have had along the way!

We are really sad to say goodbye to our Year 6 bloggers: Daniel, Libby and Aminah! We will miss their company and great blogs! We wish them the very best of luck at secondary school!!

2S Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2s performed a wonderful, creative assembly all about the artist Claude Monet. They even had Claude himself here to talk to us and look at their art work.

We were taught facts all about his life, shown how they worked to create their own pieces of art like Monet did and spoken to in french!

To finish their assembly, they performed a marvellous dance to sur le pont d’avignon.

It was a great, confident and informative assembly. Well done 2S!

Buddy Party

The buddies changed over this week and as a thank you, Mrs Corbridge gave a buddy party. The buddies got to play on iPads and have bisuits. Each buddy also received two presents! Amara said, ‘we had a fun and enjoyable time’. Priya said, ‘I enjoy being a buddy’. Well done and thank you to our buddies, you did an excellent job!


Belles for Bluebell

Last week was an emotional week, as we have done a few things to remember our special friend and student at Blakehill, Isabelle or as she liked to be called Belle. To do this, the entire school gathered together to take an aerial view picture of a yellow and white children’s cancer ribbon.

The day before, Year 6 marked it out in preparation for the main event. Then gathering together as a school, we got ready as Tom (a drone pro) got into his position with his drone overlooking us. They took the picture and it looks good!

That day, the children in year 6 planted bluebell bulbs as a memory of Belle and a way to remember her. We did it in groups of 10 and planted 60! I think this is a great idea as it is special.

We will always remember Belle for the beautiful, smiley girl that she was!


The whole school bike training day

During this week the whole school has participated in a very fun activity to be safer when riding are bikes.

The year that started first was the very enthusiastic year – the receptions but they didn’t ride peddle bikes they went on push bikes. The fun thing about it was that near to the end of everyone’s lesson we got to play a game. The rule of the game was to be the last person in the circle and if you go out or your foot touches the ground then you are out of the game. The next year was Year 1 ,their day was on Tuesday, and they did the same thing but they still had the push bikes. After them was Year 2 and they got to use the peddle bikes because they are much older but they weren’t very big. They were taught how to signal if they were on the road and to turn left they stuck their left hand out same if they were going right they put their right hand out. The next day it was Year 3’s turn to learn how to be safer on the road. In the game they played the circle became smaller and smaller until someone won.

The next people were Year 4  and they did the same thing but when we went past the man we had to put the right hand out and give him a high five. When people entered this pink box they had to put the right hand out for 5 seconds.



I’m in Year 3.

I wanted to become a blogger because I like playing on my dad’s computer and I really like being nosy. I am looking forward to writing about everything that has happened in school.

I like playing with my Mini Hatchimals and my Big Hatchimals that are interactive.



I’m Libby and I am a Year 6 student. I am very glad to have this place as a blogger. One of the few things I like to do are play on my phone, go on my computer, play with my puppy, make Youtube videos and bake. I wanted to be a blogger because I felt like I have the potential and the SKILLZ to do it J. I am also good at typing ( she says making like 20 mistakes ) and I also love to make people laugh. I’m looking forward to making blogs in the future.

Bye! L


Hi I am Mia,

I wanted to be a blogger because I love technology. I’m in year 4 and I  like playing with my friends.

I love talking about what has happened in school and am looking forward to telling you all about it.


Hi my name is Aminah, I like computer games and technology.  I wanted to be a blogger because of how much experience I have on computers.  My favourite animal is a lion because of how fierce they are also, I am obsessed with cheese burgers and pizza.  My mum teaches me about computers but now that I’m a blogger I can learn more here! I am a year 6 student and my teacher is Mrs Gould.  My favourite hobby is football and basketball, and I like ICT and also my favourite computer game is Fortnite!  I am so grateful to be a blogger it feels amazing!

Bye  Aminah


Hi, my name is Isabelle and I am a year 6 student in Mrs Gould’s class.

The reason I wanted to be a blogger is because I am a person who loves telling people about everything that has happened. My fave animal is a dog and I definitely like golden retrievers. My favourite foods are pasta and pizza. Dance is one of my hobby’s along with knitting. I believe that I am a very helpful, loving and caring person.

By Isabelle