3P explore the Stone Ages

3P visited the Yorkshire museum in York today to find out about what life was like in the Stone Age, through to the Iron Age. They spent the afternoon in a fantastic workshop where they were able to handle genuine artefacts from thousands of years ago such as a range of axe heads, arrow heads, flint knives etc. The children then took part in a hunting celebration, cave art, weaving,tee pee building, making a clay pot and designing their own coin.
The children behaved beautifully and all had a fantastic day out. Have a look at some of our photos and feel free to leave us a comment.
3P explore the Stone Age to the Iron Age on PhotoPeach

Young Voices 2015 @ Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

On Thursday 22nd January 2015, 35 children went to Young Voices at the Motor Point Arena in Sheffield. They sang a variety of different songs including Lonely Boy, a special medley for Mandela, pop songs and many more! They had a very good time even though they got back at around 10:45 and they were all tired! There were over 30 schools there with over 4,000 people! Even more when the adults came to watch! Before the show there was a 2 hour rehearsal until the big moment! As well as the huge young voices choir there were also special guests such as Lucy Spraggan (A former X factor contestant), Urban Strides (An amazing dance group) and Mike Lowery (A boy band from Liverpool who have won many singing competitions). Thank you to Mrs.Keighley, Mrs.Bedell, Mrs. Cavalier-Lumley and Mrs.Horrocks.

3L visit the Yorkshire Museum

Today Year 3 went on a school trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York. The Workshop they took part in was all about prehistory, covering everything from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. They all had a fantastic day and learned all sorts about their history topic! Have a look at some of the photos from the day and feel free to leave a comment.

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!  It’s the start of the new year and the new term, so it is the perfect time to decide on a new year resolution to become a better person.  We spoke to some of the teachers to find out what their resolutions are….

To stop losing my pens….Mrs Lea
Go to the gym….Miss Smith            
To save some money every month….Mrs Keighley.             
Say something nice to someone every month….Mrs Pinder             
To not eat as much chocolate and go to the gym….Mrs Gardner

Have you got a new year’s resolution?

3L Class Assembly!

On the 9th January 2015, class 3L did an amazing assembly about their School Linking day! They told us about how they made many friends and how they had so much fun.  They linked with a school called Westbourne Primary and went all the way to Nell Bank in Ilkley to meet each other. They did lots of different activities and it looked like they had tons of fun!

Lots of parents came to see the assembly and all the parents were so happy and had a big smile on each of their faces.

Are you in Year 3? If you went to Nell Bank, tell us if you had fun! What was your favourite activity? Did you make any new friends? Are you excited to see them again next time Blakehill go to meet Westbourne primary?

By Rebecca and Libby 6KW.