5L class assembly

Today, 5L performed an amazing assembly about their residential trip to Ingleborough Hall.

First it started off with the children talking about how it was and how they perservered with the tough challenges.

Then it was about the amazing show cave that we had to go through. The Children described how fun it was and what it was like.They talked about the funny creations like the elephant and the underwater city.

Next , was tree climbing. The children explained about how challenging it was and how they were working together as a team to pull the ropes!

After that, it was caving. The children talked about how exciting it was although the water was a lot deeper this year. In the cave, there were lots of challenges like the worm hole and sandwich.

Then, they talked about the long walk which was very funny. During the walk they stopped in a park in Austwick to eat lunch and have fun on the slides.

Next was gorge scrambling and Kobe talked about how it was a cross between tree climbing and caving. It was really fun yet challenging.

On the nights, the children watched a DVD, went bat hunting, had a story teller and did country dancing.

After explaining it all, the amazing assembly ended with a big round of applause.

By Leah and Cara

Woodwind musical assembly

Yesterday, Cobalt Brass, a woodwind band, came in to show us what they could do all the way from Manchester.

At first, they played some tunes and we had to guess what the song was. After that, they introduced themselves and their instruments as each one of them went into center stage. They taught us what their instruments can do and the different parts which make it up.

Then we played a game with Farmer Joe and had to guess the which animal he was making the sound of. Since we guessed them all right, we got one last song which was fantastic.

We all loved them coming in and it was a lovely and interesting assembly.

By Mollie and Freya

5HJ class assembly

Today, 5HJ did their class assembly all about Ingleborough Hall.

It started off with the first group talking about what happened when they got there. What happened? First, they unpacked, got their dormitories ready and had lunch. For lunch they had, sandwich, crisps, yogurt and a drink.

Next, a couple more people stood up and talked about the Show Cave. They talked about stalactites and stalagmites that where in the cave. The guide said that two men discovered the cave a very long time ago.

Then the rest of the children talked about what they did and it was really interesting. It must of been a great trip!

By Freya and Mollie

Hockey with Year Six

Year six went to a hockey camp in Hanson with Mrs Dobson to perfect their hockey skills and compete against other teams. The boys did really well in winning most of there games because of great teamwork. Mrs Dobson said that if we win in our next games, we will qualify for the Bradford winter games at Bradford Grammar School! How exciting! Good luck at your next meet boys!

By Ava

My experience at Ingleborough Hall

My experience at Ingleborough was probably different than a lot of other people who went and this is why.

Well on the first day we, Year 5, went to a show cave and we learnt a lot of stuff bout caves and ourselves.

Well my favorite things were caving ,on Thursday for group 1, and I am proud of how I conquered heights at tree climbing.

By Eleanor

Ingleborough Day 3

It’s been another action packed day in Clapham.

Group 1 took part in gorge scrambling and tree climbing.

Group 2 went gorge scrambling and caving.

Groups 3 and 4 went on the long walk while group 5 went tree climbing and caving.

Ingleborough Day 2

Year 5 woke up early on day 2 to eat their cooked breakfasts before a busy day. During the 9am briefing, each group found out what they were doing.

Groups 1 and 2 went on the long walk, although partially shortened due to rain, and had a great time. They headed from Ingleborough hall all the way to Austwick and back where they learnt about the history of the area, interesting local stories and developed their map reading skills.

They other 3 groups took part in two different activities. All the groups went gorge scrambling which they found extremely exciting and ended up getting quite wet! Groups 3 and 5 also completed a village study which they will be using to compare with Idle when they return to school. For their second activity, group 4 went tree climbing which again was well enjoyed.

After all the activities, the children settled down for tea and evening activities which are either bat hunting or a film and tuck night.

Tomorrow sees the majority of the groups completing the activities that their peers did today with one group being the first take part in caving. I’m sure it will be another exciting day and we are all hoping the rain sticks away.

Ingleborough Day 1

After eagerly setting off this morning, Year 5 arrived at Ingleborough and soon settled into their dorms by making their beds and unpacking their bags. Once everything was sorted, it was finally lunch with time. Soon after that, the children prepared for the short walk up to the show caves.

When they got there, they put on their hard hats, dropped their bags off and headed in to explore the cave. Parts of the cave where very low so the taller children and teachers all had to limbo through the caves. At halfway, they discovered what is was like for the original Victorians who only had candles for light.

After exploring the cave, we headed to the gift shop where souvenirs and ice creams were bought before heading back for tea.

Later this evening, the children have enjoyed either pizza or giant fish fingers for tea followed by brownies. They were all delicious!

Soon after tea, Year 5 wrote their diaries for their first day at Ingleborough before heading outside for some fascinating stories around a fire. Thankfully the rain stayed away! Everyone enjoyed the four different stories which the children helped to create and had a great time.

Finally, Year 5 got ready for bed by listening to a story with Mrs Hall after their hot chocolate and biscuit.


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