Hi, I am Hannah. I was so exited when I new I was a blogger. I love to type on computers because it is just so fun. School is in the 5 best places in the world but ict is my favourite part of school. I am 9 years old and I am the oldest in my class. My best friend is Zara and Ava and I am new to the school.

By Hannah


Hello my name is Freya and I think I will be a good blogger because I love to write and I love to find out things on computers and I-pads. I love telling people what has happened through school. I am nine years old and I am in Year five and my teachers are Mrs Hall and Mrs Cavalier-lumley.

By Freya


Hi I am Ava and I was so excited when I new I was going to be a blogger. I love typing on computers because I feel like a teacher. And if you don`t know me I love organising people. I am 8 years old and I have the best teacher not to mention I tag along with my mum because she is grate on computers and my as well. On Wednesday 20th September 2019 I found out that I am a helper with the computers and iPads in class which is great.

by Ava


Hi,my name is Ammarrah and I am a new blogger at Blakehill primary school. I enjoy creative writing and horse-riding.I often go to Scotland in the holidays.

I am a not that good at Maths but I am getting better at it . I love to read books.

By Ammarrah.


I am Taylor and I am a Blakehill blogger. I enjoy eating biscuits, playing Minecraft and going to museums. I adore Beamish which is an open air museum near Durham. Once, I met Nick Sharrat who is Jaquline Wilson’s illustrator he drew hetty feather who is my favorite character.

by Taylor

Last Blogging of the Year

We can’t believe we have come to our last blogging session of the year! We have had lots of laughs this year sharing what we have been up to in school, giggling at stories of what we have been up to and singing along to songs as we have worked. Not to mention the biscuits and treats we have had along the way!

We are really sad to say goodbye to our Year 6 bloggers: Daniel, Libby and Aminah! We will miss their company and great blogs! We wish them the very best of luck at secondary school!!