Year 5 & 6 Netball Festival

On Wednesday, the talented year 5 Netball Team went to a festival at Woodhouse Grove. They had lots of training over the past few weeks with Miss Dobson and the year 6 Netball Team and have come very far. They started off a bit rocky, but eventually became confident and an unstoppable group as they began to win all of their games! Ben in 5H was a scoring machine! – quoted Mrs Russell. Fortunately, this meant that they would go to the finals! Winning the rest of their games, the last goal was scored in the final 20 seconds! The final results were Blakehill second and Cavendish first place. Well done year 5 for representing Blakehill very well!

Then on Thursday the year six team went to Hanson for a third time! They were fortunate as one of the teams didn’t turn up which meant they got a 3-0 win! On their first game, they won 6-0 due to their shooting practise! Next, they went on to play Cavendish! The score was 2-1 to Blakehill! Finally, we played Thackley! The score was 5-1 to Thackley which meant that Blakehill came 6th out of 14 schools! We are all very proud of you!#welldoneblakehill

By Emily and Adam

KS2 Football Tournament

This afternoon 16 children from Years 3 to 6 travelled to Swain House Primary School to take part in the Bradford East One Football Tournament hosted by Sports UK. It was a fantastic afternoon of sports with a number of School teams taking part from the local area. The games were played over 3 pitches for Years 5 and 6 and 3 more pitches for Years 3 and 4 – both Blakehill teams playing on the pitch 2s.

The Year 3 and 4 (consisting of James, Archie, Ashton, Jake, Lucas, Molly , Ellis and Ben) had fantastic afternoon winner in every game that they played, the results were:
And after winning in the final too they ended up coming away as overall winners of pitch 2.
One individual stood out from the crowd and was noticed by the referees and the Sports UK staff for their fantastic contribution, skill, sportsmanship and team spirit it was Molly from Year 4! She receive the girl player of the tournament award and should feel very proud of herself for her achievements.

Years 5 and 6 had a bit of a trickier start to tournament. Their teams was made up of Billy (the next Joe Hart), Joel, Steven, Joe, Aaron, Jake, Ben and Hayden. They drew their first 3 games before clenching a win to take them to the final and what a final it was! Blakehill to and early 1-0 lead but in the final moments of the game Thorpe Primary scored an equalizer that took the game to penalties! It was tense as we started we were neck and neck…
It went to sudden death and after two extremely tense penalties and fantastic save by Billy Blakehill took the win.

Well done to all the children and schools that took part and a massive well done to the children of Blakehill for player so well as a team and working hard to do their best.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the teams in action.

5R fantastic assembly!

After months of waiting, finally the time ticked. Diving in,not been able to control there excitement,people sat eagley waiting.It began! A mighty war began between two city states Sparta and Athens. Cruelly and deftly Athens were stabbed,then it was paused two people were watching television. Two narrators walked calmly on and spoke words of wisdom. Next up, was fashion with our great designer two beautiful models walked down our catwalk but in togas!Pause!

Then the music for bargain hunt blasted out! There was the vase seller he kept on saying vasssssssse, which made the crowed bubble with laughter faces went ruby red and people cheered aloud. We all had a good giggle.The two children were now freaking out. ” WHY IS EVERYTHING GREEK!” they shrieked they had one hope sky sports. There stood mighty Apollo he had a right corker Jeff our reporter ( Subban) even missed another reporter a pretty one too. Majestically a javelin flew through the sky and hit msomeone everyone had a laugh.


Year 3 positive life centre trip!

Yesterday, Thursday 30th March, Year 3 went to the Positive Life Centre at Bradford city. They were kindly given a trip around the Bradford City Stadium as part of their visit and they were even allowed to shout “COME ON CITY!” while they were there. They shouted so loud that the owner of the club heard them and came out to see them! They then took part in a workshop in a classroom at the One In a Million free school. They found out that people like different things and that its ok to be interested in different things. They also tasted different foods from different counties. Everyone said that the food tasted lovely and they didn’t mind it being from different places. One of the Year 3’s said “it was an excellent trip, the best and I loved it!

By Alex

Fame trip for Year 5 and 6!

This week Year 5 and 6 were invited down to Immanuel College to watch their production of ‘Fame! The Musical’.

On Thursday 30th we all walked down to Immanuel wondering what we would see! It was a very good show about a stage school and I would rate the performance and story 9/10! in the play about 4 people played the part of teachers and one of the main characters actually had dyslexia! It was all acted very well; one of the girl characters in the play, who was actually very poor, wanted to look posh so her dad worked as a chauffeur and dropped her off in a limo every morning! Also, one of the teacher characters invited the girl with dyslexia to a dance competition but she couldn’t go because she failed in reading! It was a very good show and I would love to go again!

By Adam

Water Safety

This week, on Tuesday 28th, Year 3 had a water safety talk. This talk was to help them be aware of the dangers when you are around open water such as ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. They talked about what could happen if you were to fall into a pond or a river. The children in Year 3 also learnt about what to do to help if someone else fell into deep water. Here a some mighty tips that the year 3’s have given on their information posters: Never dive in because then you could drown and possibly die; Stay away from the edge of the land surrounding open waters;Use a stick or piece of clothing to help a friend if they fall in. Now, if the children in Year 3 ever go some where near open water they know what to do and how to keep safe.

Thank you to Yorkshire Water!

By  Brooke

U11’s Netball tournament!

This is a match report from the netball extraordinaire Emily- Year six. On Thursday 30th March our Under 11 Netball team competed in another round of matches at Hanson School in the U11 School Games Netball competition. They arrived in style as their stylish new jackets had arrived earlier in the week! They playing against Lapage, Killinghall and Cavendish this week,we had some injuries but got back up and kept going, even if we were losing! We played three matches, losing our first and drawing the other two – we are very proud of ourselves as we have come joint 3rd in our group! Keep posted for more match reports for the remainder of the tournament! Well done to everyone who took part so far and let’s keep it up!Remember: teamwork makes the dream work!


By Emily


5H Assembly

Lights flicker and darkness spreads, the whole school eagerly wait on the end of their seats,as the movie starts.  All the school sit in Odean-Blakehill to watch a great Greek film. Casually the boss of the Odean walk in. Silencing us, especially a man sat at the back of the cinema (the hall) which I am glad of ,as he was making a racket. It began. Two wise children were bored at home they were bored of the raining, storming and horrible weather. So they went to see what was on there old-fashion television. First was a battle between Sparta and Athene it showed people talking about they differences between them and two people hit each other in battle, it most of hurt!

Next up chose by Mckensey was a great fashion change with a beautiful model. She did a dreamy hair flick and walk on the catwalk. Sadly Spencer stopped it and the model with a toga stopped next up was a sale of great vase but the man who was selling kept saying vase instead of varse (vase) but as time went on it was stopped again! Finally, to finish this wonderful event off they sang a song with little solos and it explained everything about the Greeks.The bright lights turned back on it was over. It was a truly great assembly all about the ancient Greeks that 5H have been learning about. Have a look at it for yourselves below.

By Emily Mae

Celebrity Guest Visits Blakehill!

This week Mrs Russell organised for a very special visitor come to our school who used to be a pupil here. They came to open the new Library and have a look around the school to see how much it as changed this they were here. Former Manchester United and England international player Tom Cleverley! He was given a tour round our school by Mr Patterson and two pupils Dhruv and Billy and he couldn’t believe how much the school had changed since he had left. But that’s not all… Tom also remembered a few teachers that are still here from when he was. They were Mrs Feather (then known as Mrs Drew) and Mrs Hall (then known as Miss Kells). Did you know that Mrs Hall was Tom’s first football coach before he went on to work for Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Louis Van Ghal! It was amazing to think that someone internationally famous had come to our school. After he had opened our new library unfortunately he had to go and pick up his own children. This was very sad but happy because he had got to meet some of us and he is always welcome to come back and see us all again!

By Emily and Brooke

Red Nose Day 2017!!

Today was Red Nose Day! We have been raising money for children in Africa, the United Kingdom and all around the world. Did you know that when you are in the UK you are never further that 40 miles from a Red Nose Day funded scheme? The grand total raised today was £484.17! We raised £366.80 for non-uniform, while on the ‘Guess The Sweets’ game we raised £117.37 that makes a grand total of £484.17, Thank you so much for all your donations and efforts in getting dressed in red for red nose day! As well as dressing in red some people even painted their face or dyed their hair!
The winner of the guess the sweets was Taylor in 3P with a guess of 304 sweets, when the jar contained 327 sweets in total! This lucky girl got to take the full jar home with her.( Lets hope she shares them with her big sister the Blogger!) 

By Adam and Alex.