Staying safe online when you are with your friends.

Recently we have done a survey at school to tell our teachers how, where and when we use the internet. We told them that we often go on the internet when we are with our friends or at their houses. We wanted to give you some advice so you know how to stay safe when you are having fun online.

When you are on games where you can talk to other people, THINK… do you know them already? If you don’t, can you be sure that they are who they say they are?  When you are playing games and talking to people, it is only a good idea to talk to people you know because you don’t want to tell strangers things about you – especially not your full name, where you live or your address.

Also when you are online with your friends looking at games and social media sites such as:  Instagram , Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, make sure that you are being kind when you are online. Remember that eventhough you aren’t talking to people in real life, what you say can still upset them. Instead post fun things about what you like and being friendly and nice to each other then the internet will be a nice place.

You need to be careful using internet at a friends house because some things have hacks and viruses. For more information go to our E-Safety section on our website.

By Emily Mae and Emily

Sports day year 3 year 4

On Thursday afternoon Year 3 and 4 finally had their chance to shine at their Sports Days! It was the third time lucky and we finally got good weather! There were four events for everyone to take part in. They were ; the obstacle course, the egg and spoon race, the skipping race and the welly race! Everyone had a great time! Children from each class even had the chance to take part in a relay race. They did a fantastic job and everyone really enjoyed themselves!

By Emily Mae














3G Assembly

This afternoon 3G put on a class assembly all about Volcanoes! You can tell they have all been working very hard and learnt lots about them, it was like they were little scientists. Harley was even a reporter!They spoke about what a volcano was and how they are made before going on to tell about some of the most famous volcanoes in the world and where to find them. Did you know there was a place in the world called the Ring of Fire where loads of volcanoes can be found? They went on to tell us why people live near Volcanoes and what can be found once they have erupted. Did you know you can find copper, gold and diamonds. Year 3 enjoyed looking at volcanoes so much that they made their own! We also heard a great song called lava which 3G sang to us on the way in and out. It was a great assembly well done everybody!                                                                                                                                                                  
 By Emily Mae

3L class assembly

Today, 3L had their class assembly all about Romeo and Juliet. They had great voices and spoke so clearly when they were acting! They told us that Romeo and Juliet is about two young adults who love each other. However their families, The Capulets and The Montagues, did not like each other so this separated the two lovers. Then one day Juliet was having an engagement party and guess who showed up … Romeo! They both stared into each others eyes but Juliet’s cousin Tybalt stepped in the way. Later on Juliet was stood on her balcony and Romeo was hiding in the bushes and he popped out and Juliet said “Romeo,Romeo where thou art thou Romeo?” The next day they were getting married but they had to separate to return to their families. They hated being apart so Juliet went to go see a wise man to make her a potion that made her look like she was dead. He then wrote a letter to Romeo explaining where to go but not telling him about Juliet. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the letter but somehow he found the tomb anyway. He thought that Juliet was dead and so he saw the potion in Juliet’s hand and he drank it. Later on Juliet woke up and found Romeo beside her and she thought there was no point living this life without him so she killed herself. What a sad story!

The assembly was great with some brilliant acting and some good diaries which the children had written. Everyone loved it.

Well done 3L!

By Emily

Year 6 food technology

Today Year 6 have made some cheese and ham toasties with Mrs Pedley and Mrs Horrocks.  First they buttered their bread. Next they put the cheese and or ham in their bread before putting their sandwich in a toastie bag. Then they go in an toaster. These are some safety tips.

  • Don’t burn your self!
  • Don’t cut yourself.
  • Don’t put a knife in the toaster while electric is on.

Then they look like this in 5 minuets.

By Joseph IMG_2496IMG_2497         

The Queens birthday at Blakehill

Today, Blakehill celebrated the Queens 90th birthday, yeah I know the Queen had her birthday like two months ago but if you didn’t already know the Queen has two birthdays!!! And Blakehill did  this by coming to school dressed as a queen, king, knight, prince or princess. But if that wasn’t your thing you could come in the England colours of wait for it …… Red, White and Blue because  that’s the colours of Union Jack, which is the flag of the united Kingdom!

Over the last two days Blakehill has been all out Royal, doing lots of work all about eh queen and the royal family. Our class some did writing , ART and reading comprehensions (y6). We’ve all had a fantastic time and we all hope the queen has a fantastic birthday!!

As a special treat, for the Queens big day, we even had a picnic for our lunch. We were hoping to have it on the field but due to the “summer weater” (rain) we had to have it in the hall on matts – we still had a great time.

By Macie

2S A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As 2S prepared for a great assembly, the hall was in darkness with just twinkling fairylights to see by! The school waited patiently to see the best actors in town. For the last few weeks, Year 2 have been learning about Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Well people danced, fairies sang and the queen slept! The story all started with two people having a fight over a boy then they go to a fairy nest were queen is sang to sleep. If you want to find out more read the book! Their assembly Was magical and great to watch. Well done!                                
                                                                    by Emily Mae

Junior STEM

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, the week arrived when Key Stage 2 got the opportunity to work with Junior STEM. Junior STEM is a company that come into schools and teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through building with LEGO! It was so much fun! As part of our DT and Computing week we built fairground rides such as merry go round! How great is that? We designed and programmed the rides on a computer, then built them. Then with one click it we brought the rides to life! We had to follow set of fun instructions that were made especially for Blakehill! All of Key Stage 2 have absolutely loved working Mr Hawken to bring their LEGO to life. It’s been great!      

                                                                                                        By Emily Mae