I’m Tom and I’m in 5H. I like school because of all of the fun and exiting lessons and school trips, you also makes lots of new friends. At lunchtime you can have school dinners or bring your own sandwiches to eat.
At playtime I play football with all my friends. It is very common around our school but there are lots of other things you can do and tonnes of friendly people to play with. My favourite colour is orange and my favourite food is probably pizza.

By Tom



Basically I’m going to write about school. It is very fun, most of the time. There are plenty of things I like to do such as playing football or using the skipping ropes. The teachers like to push me and everyone in the school so we get good grades. I’m always sandwiches for lunch so I don’t taste the food but my friends say it is good. I play Bulldogs Charge the most. I have around six best friends.  I like going on school trips, playing on the computers and having CHILL TIME! I am in year 5. I also like maths and topic. But my favourite thing of them all has to be P.E.

By Max

2S Assembly

This afternoon 2S treated parents and pupils of Blakehill to the first class assembly of the year. It was called “Good To Be Me” and year 2 celebrated all the good things about them and their special talents.

Leave a comment below to tell them just how well they did!



Welcome back to school, we hope you had a fantastic time over the holidays!
Its time to have another brilliant year at Blakehill, full of fun and exciting activities and lots of hard work.
Have you enjoyed your first few days back?
Are you looking forward to the year ahead?

Leave a comment and let us know what you have enjoyed about the first 3 days in school.
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