2P’s class assembly

At the end of the day today, 2P perfromed an amazing class assembly all about the London Fire. They did a great job and had exceptional dancing and singing . Now we will tell you how it went and what order they did things in.

First, they started by introducing what they were going to be telling us in their assembly. Then came up three children where two of them were meant to be children while the other was their granddad. They wanted to learn more about the London fire so they went back in time.

The first person that they met was Samuel Pepys who was writing in his diary. The first child looked in his diary and said she couldn’t read it. That was because he liked to write in a special writing so that no one could read it. Then after a nice dance, they found some one that looked really upset. This was King Charles II. He was devastated because he had tried his best to keep his town safe but nothing was working.

Then of course it was time to have another song it was really good and every one loved it. By that time it was time to finish and we all gave them a round of a applause and they all came running forwards to see there parents after the amazing performance. We really enjoyed it and look forward to their next one.

Bye Ava and Ivy

Year 1 Phonics Meeting

On Wednesday night, both Year one classes had a phonics meeting. Most of the parents from Year one went.

Phonics is a sound that helps you to start reading. The phonics meeting was about when they do the phonics screening test they always do at the end of year. They also challenged the parents to work out some phonics sounds. Mrs Wardell and Miss Gardener showed the parents a normal phonics lesson and how they learn.

I hope all the parents liked the meeting and will hopefully come to next year’s Year 2 meeting. It sounded extremely informative and will hopefully help children reading at home.

By Freya and Mia

Penalty shoot out

Yesterday, which was Thursday, everyone in the school took part in the penalty shoot out. Billy Bantam and 3 other Bradford City volunteers came to help with our penalty shoot out.

All the year groups chose a time slot that suited them the best. Some people were lucky because they brought their sponsor form into school. Those lucky people got to take 4 shots against Billy Bantam. However, even if you didn’t, you still got to take 1 shot against Billy Bantam. When all the children had taken their shots, the volunteers made the teachers take some shots as well. It was really funny!

by Phoebe and Mollie

Non-Uniform Day

Today, we had Non Uniform Day to honor the week we’ll be having off! If you wanted to wear non uniform, you had to pay a pound to wear what you want to. If you want to wear the normal uniform, you can come in uniform but not bring a pound into school. The pound will go to the school so they can buy more equipment for playtime/Lunchtime or even school trips.

Everyone at school is grateful of the support parents and carers provide. We hope everyone has fantastic half terms.

Freya and Mia

Year 2 Chocolate Factory

On Tuesday, Year 2 went on a trip to Yorkshire Chocolate Factory and they have told that it is an amazing place to go!

In the morning, Year 2 went to the Chocolate Factory earlier than expected. The coach ride was pretty long but it was sure worth it! The kids got to try some chocolate and even create a chocolate lolly pop and lickable wallpaper. Although most of the kids didn’t actually like the wallpaper, they enjoyed making them!

In the chocolate story, the first class went inside and some workers who make chocolate gave them all a tour. Inside one of the rooms was a circular table with a hole in the middle and small locked hatches. The circular thing was in a dark shadowy extension from a larger room. On the wall on the left was a large pad or screen thing this showed the children a story of the chocolate and how chocolate was made a long time ago.

After lunch, the young kids went and explored some more and they made their chocolate item. later on, they headed home feeling tired but having had a great time!

By Cara, Eleanor and Ivy!

Luke Carson Year 5

On Tuesday, a police man (Luke Carson) came in and talked about online safety with Year 5. He even challenged Miss Lancaster to name the symbols of some apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, Fortnite and more. Mrs Lancaster didn’t get all of them but got most.

We also did an activity on a work sheet matching up the names of them and the appropriate age that you should be to play. Luke put on a video about a girl who put up a picture of herself with all of her personal information on. We learnt that we shouldn’t do because some adults pretend to be kids!

We have learnt lots from this and will use it when we are on the internet. It was very useful and we all enjoyed it.

By Flo, Ruby and Leah

Mr Patterson’s Assembly

Today, at the end of the day, Mr Patterson did an assembly focusing on good sportsmanship. He started with one game and ended with three games. There was a lot of screaming and clapping and now we will tell you how the games went.

The first game was when he asked several teachers to stand up and he gave them two pence. Then he told them to flip the coin and whoever got heads had to sit down. After all that, we finally found a winner which was Mrs Pringle and she got to keep the pence.

After that, he told Eesa to come up and try to catch a piece of paper when he dropped it for five house points. On his last try, he finally got it and calmly went and sat down. Mr Patterson thought that it was great of him to not go crazy about him winning. All contestants did very well and had a lot of fun.

by Ava,Taylor and Avroop.


This week, we went through the conditions of SATS although it wasn’t the real deal. Phew! We were split into 2 separate groups so we could get more support if needed.

There were many teachers there- too many to count. The week began with a spag test which was 45 minutes and it was followed by a spelling test. On Tuesday, we got a rest, thankfully. On Wednesday, we did a reading test which was harder than expected, but not impossible as we persevered. On Thursday, we did paper 1 arithmetic and paper 2 reasoning. Finally, we did the paper 3 reasoning. It was practically the same as paper 2. So there you go, that was our week.

After today, we realized that we have nothing to worry about when May comes around and all we have to do is try our best which we are sure everyone will!

By Avroop and Taylor

E-Safety Assembly

On Tuesday, all of the amazing bloggers and Mr Hodges performed an amazing assembly about Safer Internet Day (that we did a week early). We all had important roles in it. As an example, Leah was an adult and Mr Hodges was a child who had a mean message sent to him.

First we started off by saying what Online Identity meant to us. Each and everyone of us had a line to read out. After that, we showed the school what Free to be me meant. Also we explained what free represented. F=Friendly, R=respect and the two Es represented equal.

Then, we played a game called have you ever. So Mr Hodges said, “Have you ever used an emoji?” If you had ever done that, you had to put your hand up. Next, Mr Hodges got a mean message and ripped it up. That isn’t the correct thing to do. We had a flashback and did the right thing which is to show a trusted adult.

We think that the whole school liked the assembly.

By Ruby, Leah, Cara and Eleanor

Luke Carson Year 4 visit

On Monday, someone named Luke Carson, who is a police officer, visited Y4 to talk about E-Safety.

He started off, by asking us about things to do with E-Safety and whichever group had the most points at the end of the quiz won a prize (which was 5 house points). When we finished the quiz, all the groups had a score of 12 so we had to guess his age. It was 32.

Then in the other class, 4H, after the quiz he told us that he lied and was an 8 year old girl called Zoe. Then, he asked us how do we know if he was? Dexter said, ”Because he was a boy.” He then asked how do you know that. Christopher said because he was bald. That was obvious. The real learning point was that online we don’t know what people actually look like so it is much harder to know when people are telling the truth.

It was really helpful and we are sure that Year 5 will enjoy theirs next week.

by Ava, Mollie and Ivy