5L vs 4H TT Rockstars Battle

This week, there was a huge battle between 5L and 4H. Mr Hodges’ class challenged 5L last Friday but sadly (for 4H) 5L won by 624 points.

TT Rockstars is an online maths challenge which you can play anywhere. It is an app for people to practice your maths and have a bit of fun. You can have some fun with your avatar, which you create yourself, and change your hair, top, pants and accessories.

By learning your times tables, it really helps you with your other mathematical skills including multiplication, division and fractions. Keep practising hard on TT rock stars and you will soon see the benefits.

By Florence, Mia, Hannah and Phoebe.

1W’S class assembly

This afternoon, 1W preformed an amazing assembly all about what they had done this term. They all remembered their words and were loud enough for us to hear them.

They started off by telling us about when they were learning about the United Kingdom. They told us about which countries were in the UK. In it, there are 5 countries, which are England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. We live in England. Then someone said that they thought we lived in Bradford. Eventhough Bradford is the city that we live in, the country that we live in is England.

After a lot of talking, they started to tell us what book they were learning about. The book was about a girl called Katie who visited London with her little brother and her grandma.

We all loved the assembly and will love to watch it again and hopefully it will be as good as this time.

By Freya and Mollie

Rock Steady Music Club

On Thursday, Michael who works at rock steady, came in to school and did an interesting workshop. Michael taught some of us who paid for lessons. We were in a small band and all go the chance to play different instruments.

We played the drums, guitar, keyboard and some people were vocalists.

All of the people who did this found it a fun, musical experience and loved the experience. We cannot wait until we can see the rock assembly.

By Ruby, Leah and Florence

5 and 6 Football Tournament

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday year five and six had a football tournament where the houses Kingfisher, Javelin, Kestrel and Jupiter had to play against each other. They were all very excited and both teams wanted to win and were very determined that they would.

On Monday it was the first mach of the week and probably the most intense of them all! The teams were years 6’s Javelins vs the year 5’s Javelins but after lots of awesome tackles and goals the year 6’s took the tackle and scored the last goal! Well done year six!

The next day was too wet and icy so unfortunately they couldn’t do another match. But at least on Wednesday another match could be done Kestrel went against Kestrel and it was a close match where the year 5’s lost.

On the last day of the week ( Friday), there was another match which was going to take place on the playground. Today, year 5 Jupiter and year 6 Jupiter played today . Year 5 won . Well done!

We have really enjoyed the football so far and hope it continues into the future.

By Phoebe, Ivy and Ava

Reverend Colin is retiring!

This week, on Monday, Reverend Colin (who has been coming to our school for as long as we can remember) announced in assembly that this was his last one at Blakehill. In addition, he will be presenting his last service on this Sunday.

Here at Blakehill, we are absolutely devastated to see him go as we have visited him at Church on numerous occasions and he has visited us for the past 5 years. He has been a fantastic influence to all the children at Blakehill. We hope very much that he enjoys his retirement. We’re sure that he will!

by Taylor and Eleanor

Bradford City Penalty

Today, Friday 24th, Paul, a guy from a Bradford City fundraising charity came to school just before the end of the day. He explained about the penalty shoot out, which is February 13th, and all the prizes your child can win!

The Prizes

For three pounds you can get a Bradford city medal and for ten pounds you can get a pump bag and a medal. You can also get a football and a medal for twenty pounds. For all of them it is thirty pounds. The grand prize is all of them but there is a Bradford city signed football signed by all of the players. This will be won by the person who raises the most sponsor money.

The Shoot Out

When it comes to the day, everyone will be taking a shot against the famous Billy Bantam, who’s also known as the Bradford city mascot, we will take one penalty anyway but if your bring your form in, you get four! So bring them forms in children! We already can’t wait to see Billy.

By Phoebe, Florence and Ivy

Year 3 trip to Bradford Cathedral.

On Monday, Year 3 went on a school trip to Bradford Cathedral. They went to learn about all of the signs and symbols in their work about Christians.

They did a booklet about it and today we will tell you the facts inside it. They learnt that Christians follow the light and that light brings them closer to God. Also that the different colours of an altar cloth mean different things.

Green-an ordinary time

Purple-preparation for an important time

Gold-festival time

Red-a special time

At the end of there book they got to draw a picture of Mark the winged Lion.

It sounds like they had a fantastic time and learnt lots!

by Mia, Ava and Hannah

Rock Steady Workshop

On Thursday, Rock Steady visited our school and led forty five minute sessions with each key stage. They taught us how to play some instruments. There were drums, a keyboard, an electric guitar and two microphones for us to sing in.

At the start, ( whilst everyone was coming in ) Michael played us some well known songs. Everyone was clapping along and we were all enjoying it even though it hadn’t even hardly started .

Once this was over, he told us about Rock Steady and picked some children to come up and play the instruments. This was the extremely fun part! This was to the song We Will Rock You. It didn’t matter if you messed up or if you had never played them. Did you know two of them were brother and sister who played together? It was really good to watch!

It sounds like all of the children had lots of fun and we really enjoyed it.

By Cara, Ruby and Leah

Marvellous ME

Marvellous me is new advanced system that Blakehill now uses to give feedback to parents about how marvelous their child has been. This app allows parents to receive updates about their child without having to come into school.

It is a brilliant app as our parents have received excellent information about us. The best part is that the teachers are not allowed to give negative feedback ( not that there is ever is any).This is awesome!

The app is now used by the whole school after Reception trialed it before Christmas and found it fantastic. So that is why the school is now using it. Personally, we find it an outstanding improvement for the school and can’t wait to receive more messages.

By Avroop,Mollie and Freya.

6G Assembly

This afternoon, 6G performed a fantastic assembly about micro-organisms, the story of Edward Jenner and 6G’s New Years Resolutions.

First, they talked about micro-organisms. Micro-organisms are things that are all around you, they are even on your clothes!

Edward Jenner was a person who discovered the cow pox cure. He also was a scientist who worked on different people including a young boy and a farmer girl. Eddie was very curious and decided to investigate if there was cure. And in the end, he succeeded and solved the cure! This is how he became famous. That easy!

6G’s New Year resolution were then shared and some examples are like being better at football, better hand writing and lots of other things. We hope they manage to achieve them!

By Freya, Mollie and Ivy