4P’s Class assembly

Today, 4P performed their Nell Bank assembly which was presented as an episode of Countryfile where they included features on pond dipping, mini-beast hunting, the long walk and den building.

The first thing that they showed us was pond dipping. Louis and Bilal had caught a large male newt at the age of two. They knew that because they identified it and looked on a special classification (grouping) paper that told you what water animal you had found.

After explaining all the things they did and singing the Nell Bank song, they thanked us for watching their fantastic assembly.

It looks like a they had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

By Ava and Ivy

Remembrance Day Assembly

On Tuesday, we had Mrs Roberts coming in and talking to us about Remembrance Day.

She started off with the song Tipperary which we all enjoyed. After the children settled down from all the singing, Mrs Roberts started to tell us about when it is . It’s on the 11th month, on the 11th day at 11 am.

Mrs Roberts talked about how the soldiers fought and risked their lives for us in the war. She showed us a sweet video of how the poppies were relevant to the war. We all enjoyed this. We closed our eyes and thought how brave they were and how grateful we are to have soldiers.

We now know that Remembrance Day is a very important Day to us and will know what to think about during our two minute silence on Monday.

By Cara and Leah

The New Choir

On Wednesday, Mrs Scott ran a choir for KS2 .This took place at the start of dinnertime.

In the lesson, we sang Christmas carols for twenty minutes. As it was the first lesson, we started off with the backing track and a couple of times we tried to sing without it.

The amount of people shocked both us and Mrs Scott as 60 people showed up! What a great number! All these people promised to show up every week so that we can be the best! Mrs Scott mentioned a lot of places she wanted to take the choir such as the Idle walking nativity.

We enjoyed this as it brought a lot of people together and singing makes us happy.

By Eleanor and Freya

Year 6 annual meeting

At 6pm on Thursday, our Teachers Mrs Gould and Mr Sidebottom hosted a Year 6 Parents Meeting to tell our grown ups all about what we would be doing this year. The evening commenced, with a lovely introduction summarizing the night’s topics.

They talked about how we could feel that pressure inflicted on us (the year 6 classes) during SATs and in general but this isn’t what they wanted. This I think is because of the high expectations we are held up to in year 6 due to the fact we will soon be attending secondary school in a matter of months. Even though, there could be a lot of pressure during SATs, we are confident that we will pass with flying colours as we have the support of our teachers and wonderful parents. We can’t wait for the challenge!

by Taylor And Avroop

Good Luck Miss Dobson!

This week has been a very upsetting one because our fantastic PE teacher, Miss Dobson, is leaving!

Since she came here, she has been doing clubs, multi sports, competitions, PE, and been swimming with last year’s Year 4. Miss Dobson joined Year 6 on their adventures at Robin Wood last year.

She’s being leading these activities for one and a half years and now sadly she is leaving to get a different job, in Leeds,which hopefully she will enjoy and thrive in.

We have loved having Miss Dobson make our PE lessons so fun and action packed. She is funny and has really helped us become more confident.

Good Luck Miss Dobson!

By Ruby and Phoebe

TT rock-stars competition

Next week there will be a competition for tt rock-stars across school because it is maths week. TT rock-stars is a maths game for all years. It helps children progress in their times tables facts hile they collect coins to create an avatar.

Here are some top tips of how to use tt rock-stars accurately. Go on garage instead of studio , rock slam and arena. This helps you to practise the facts which you need to. Although arena is fun because you can play against your friends. Practice regularly to get lots of points and get better and faster at it.

If you your class wins you win a grand prize of pizza! We hope these tips helped you good luck.

By Mia and Florence

Day 1 at Nell Bank

Year 4 have had a great first day at Nell Bank. On arrival, they had lunch before heading into the woods to play some games and explore the habitats on show. The children then took part in pond dipping and mini beat hunting which they all enjoyed greatly. After that, they went orienteering and explored the adventure play before settling down for a delicious tea of sausages, veg and mash.

This evening, they relaxed with a film, completed quizzes and enjoyed a story accompanied by a hot chocolate.

Everyone’s had a great day and are now sleeping ahead of the long walk tomorrow. We can’t wait!

Food bank

In the past few weeks, we have had something called the food bank which is where we collect certain types of food for people who need it most. The foods that we were allowed to bring were things like pasta, tea bags, soup, cereal and canned foods. We have estimated about over one hundred full bags have been brought in so far. This was our last week collecting so we can not wait until we find out how many pieces of food we have donated to the people who need it most.

By Eleanor and Ava

Collin and Natalie’s Assembly

Colin and Natalie came to visit on Tuesday and deliver another of their great assemblies.

They began the assembly talking about pizza and the process of ordering pizza from takeaway. Colin talked about what comes first when making a pizza, which was dough, then tomato sauce. After that, they said it was the cheese, then toppings. We disused the different toppings and we agreed on mushrooms and tomato.

Later on, they informed us of how many miles away where the ingredients home places were. We totalled the miles up, and came to the conclusion that overall, the pizza had traveled about 56,100 miles to get to us.

The lesson of this assembly was to be grateful that food can travel that far, just to get to our door. We couldn’t believe how far our food travels and are very lucky that we have such an amazing choice.

by Cara and Taylor

Mr Frowd assembly

On Wednesday, most of the school went into the hall to listen to Mr Frowd play his guitar, sing many interesting songs and let us take part. After, a few songs he told us about his time at school, him having to move to a different one at 7 and two boys being his friends. The songs that he sang were very fun and also there were many actions involved that we joined in with. Whenever he played his guitar, he always plays a nice tune. We were upset that we only got half an hour to listen to his amazing songs and we were sad he had to go. We cannot wait for the next one!

By Avroop and Ivy.