Y6 present………The Jungle Book!

Every year, Year 6 perform an end of year production! This year it is… Jungle Book!!! Everyone in year 6 is working hard to learn their lines and make it perfect before the day of the production. There are lots of lines to learn- and we only have a few weeks left! It is going to be fantastic!

There are many different parts with many different lines. As both year sixes are performing together some of the main parts have had to be shared like Bagheera and Mowgli; never the less, some of the smaller parts are only being by one person, including Akela and Hathi.

There are going to be many songs in the production, some from the original movie: like ‘Bear Necessities’, but also other songs like ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ and ‘Eye of the tiger’.

We can’t wait!
jungle book


K’nex Big Thing!

Today, 6KW worked with K’nex to make their very own Rollercoasters! They had to be very creative and willing as this activity was HARD! Altogether it took 2 whole hours to make a finished roller coaster that was presentable. It took a lot of teamwork too. Also for the past few weeks we have been designing our own theme parks with £500,000 to spend. We had a list full of things to include like

Major roller coaster 10 (squares) £50,000

and so on. Then we did maths work on it such as how much money we would earn from people coming in and what people bought from food stalls/gift shops.
We have loved this project!

By Rebecca and Libby.

Alice In Wonderland!

On Tuesday the Mad Hatter came to visit Early Years and Key Stage 1. He was in the hall telling poems- from the story of Alice In Wonderland-as well as behaving silly. If he didn’t like what they said- or just felt like it, he squirted them with water. Some of them got very wet.

Everyone in reception, Year 1 and Year 2 decorated a mug. They tried hard to create images from the story of Alice In Wonderland on to their mugs. The result was amazing. They used their mugs to have a drink at their very own tea party on the school field!

On Friday afternoon, Reception and Year 1 went on to the field for their very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It was a lovely end to the week!

Alice In Wonderland on PhotoPeach

Comic Artist-Kev F

Throughout the week, an amazing comic artist came in and taught us how to draw and inspired us too! Kev has drawn pictures for Beano before and he is very talented at drawing! We all made our own characters (or used ones from cartoons) and made our own comics. Then, he drew the front cover of our big comic where all of our characters and comics went in. After that, we all drew little symbols on the cover whilst he drew a portrait of each of us! Everyone in the school loved Kev and wish he could come to our school again!

comic artist


Welcome back all pupils of Blakehill Primary School. We have lots of fun activities happening in the next 29 days. Exciting people will becoming in,the summer fair, class assemblies and songs sang by you in our music assemblies. It’s going to be a lot fun! We have already had lots of people coming in. Key Stage 2 have had Comic Kev come in,from the BEANO, he was so funny! Reception and Key Stage 1 have taken part in a Mad Hatters Tea Party!

There are only 29 days left of school until the Summer Holidays, we hope you enjoy all the fun things we have planned for you!

The Winning Of The House Points

Today was a non uniform day from the pupils who are in Jupiter, one of our house teams. For a second time in a row Jupiter won the house point team prize which is non uniform in school. They were rewarded with this for all their hard work and collecting the most house points. You get awarded house points for:

Good work

Working together

Being polite

Encouraging others

Good behaviour

Wearing correct school uniform

Who knows who will win next. It could be you!

Blakehill’s Got Talent Final 2015

Today, at 9:30AM, the event that everyone had been waiting for happened – the Blakehill’s Got Talent Final 2015!!! Everyone in the auditions did really well but only some got through. The finalists were:

Kizzi (Reception): Dancing
Lucas and Caden (Reception): Hula Hooping
Flo (Reception): Magic
Lewis (Reception): Break Dancing
Deacon (1R): Telling Jokes
Lucy, Jessica, Leah and Isabel (1R) Singing to Let It Go
Pasha and Chloe (1P): Singing to Let It Go
Ellie (1P): Singing to Spoonful of Sugar
Aminah (2S): Singing Hopeless
Alex (2S): Voice Acrobatics
Harley (2G): Singing To See You Again
Caelan and Abdullah (2G): Singing to Uptown Funk
Emily (3L): Singing to Jar of Hearts
Millie (3L): Singing to Shake It Off
Mckensey and Phoebe (3P) Singing Never getting back together
Jake (3P): Dancing to Gangnam Style
Kennedy and Isabelle (4S): Hula hooping
Emily (4L) Singing Les Mis
Lewis, Oliver and Max (4L) Uptown Funk
Lily (5H) Singing Let It Go
Michael (5H) Street dancing
Ben, Ashton, Luca, Jake, Peter (6R) Song and dance
Cara (6R) Singing Skyscraper
Bethany & Mrs Pedley (6KW) doing the Cup song
Abigail (6KW) Drumming
Josh (6KW) singing Sugar

The winners will be announced during Assembly on the first Monday back! Who would you vote for????