Miss Dickinson survived!

Miss Dickinson and her friend did their successful skydive in Hibaldstow in Lincolnshire on Thursday 2nd April and then raised even more cash for Macmillan Cancer Support with a fundraising event in Skipton on Saturday 11th April.
Miss Dickinson said she was “quite scared” but that she “loved doing it and would do it again!”.
The exact total is yet to be confirmed as some donations are still coming in but she has raised almost £3000!!!









Have a look at the video of her jump!

VTS 01 1 from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Well done Miss Dickinson! We are very very proud of you!

Our School Council

This years school counsellors are :

  • 6KW,Abigail
  • 6R,Cara
  • 5H,Brendan
  • 5S,Jade
  • 4L,Lena
  • 4S,Ellie
  • 3R,Aron
  • 3L,Amelia
  • 2S,Ben
  • 2G,Maaya
  • 1R,Nasiir
  • 1P,Taylor

Don’t forget to use your Suggestion Box in your classroom, or talk to your class counsellor about any ideas you have to make our school even better. Your ideas will then be discussed at the School Council meetings.
Remember – you can make a difference!

The Sats are nearly here – get ready Yr6!

Soon yr6 will be put through SATS! Its getting very close, that means that yr6 have to work the hardest they ever have (that’s a lot). Its 24 days including weekends and 15 days not including weekends. The levels they get will pass through into highschool where they will take another test. Good luck year 6! Which test are you most excited about?

By Rebecca and Libby

Coming soon: Blakehill’s Got Talent 2015

On the last week of the spring term 2, Blakehill’s Got Talent will return with bigger and better auditions. Only two acts from each class will get recalls. Auditions will be held on the 18th May 2015. You can do whatever you want dancing, singing, acting and any other talents. Try chase your dreams! It could be the start to stardom!

Anything is possible!

By Ruby and Elyse

Science Week in Year 5

Year 5 have been busy doing lots of different experiments during Science Week. We have been continuing with our science topic – Properties of Materials – learning how to separate different objects using filtration and sieving. We have also been learning all about micro-organisms! The week started with an overview of what micro-organisms were and how they can be extremely useful. The children then conducted two different experiments looking at the conditions that encourage mould growth and what makes yeast grow. Yuck! The children also baked some delicious bread cakes. Yum!


Year 5 Ancient Greek Day!

The end of the Ancient Greek Civilization!

On Friday 27th March Year 5 had their Ancient Greek day! Year 5 became historical detectives, tracking back the history of theatre to the Ancient Greeks. They also researched what daily life was like for people living in Athens and Sparta using a variety of different sources. In the afternoon, the children tried some traditional Ancient Greek food including: olives, feta cheese, humous and pitta bread. It was so good there wasn’t any left!

B’Oscars 2015

Academy_Award_trophyOn Wednesday 26th March, Year Three hosted an evening celebration called the B’Oscars. It was a huge show with over 200 parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and friends attending! The purpose of the evening was to showcase the two films that the two classes had made.
The children have been working on the films for about 10 weeks. They have written all of the scenes themselves and then filmed each one. The children have worked exceptionally hard on improving their writing and have been extremely engaged and motivated to produce their best writing ever across many different genres.
As part of the project they have also learnt a lot about acting and film production techniques such as using different camera angles, and even green screen special effects.
The movies were both called Cindy, Ann and Bones and the Temple of Boom! One was by 3L and the other was by 3P and had some things in common but had ended up with two very different films.logo-a-tale-unfolds-300x106
On the night of the B’Oscars, the hall was transformed into a beautiful venue with balloons, glitter and a red carpet. The children dressed up too and looked absolutely amazing in their glamorous outfits! All of them received a B’Oscars certificate in recognition of the hard work they have put in to making the films. We then watched a special presentation video which announced 12 children who had been chosen to receive a golden B’Oscar trophy!
It really was a fabulous night. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you to all of the parents and carers for their support.