Blakehill’s Got Talent!

Starting next week, from Monday 18th May 2015, Blakehill will be holding auditions for Blakehill’s Got Talent! Everybody is looking forward to it. This year we will be holding auditions in classes and only 2 acts from each class will get through to the final on Friday. After all of that we will have the moment that you have been waiting for, the winner will be announce! This year it will be even bigger than ever! We will have lots of dance acts, singing acts and lots more amazing acts. Will you be auditioning? What will you perform? Do you think you have what it takes to win Blakehill’s Got Talent?

Good look to all!

By Elyse

4L class assembly

On Friday 15th of May 2015 4L delivered their class assembly. The assembly was about Orca whales and how they are being captured and kept in captivity.At the beginning of the assembly there was a clip put on that all of 4L had already watched. The video was about performing whales and how they don’t like it. Also, the video had Orcas splashing people while they come into their own water stage.Some of 4L read persuasion texts and descriptions of Whales in captivity.At the end 4L told the school that Year 4 will be hosting bun sale on the 22nd of May to raise money to adopt an Orca whale called Fife.

BY Ruby

Hooray!!! SATs Are Over!!!

Today, after a very (very) long week, the SATs came to a end. We can now have a well-earned rest after all the hard work we have put in. We celebrated by cheering and charging out of the hall onto the top playground! Hopefully, we will all get the levels we are wanting – we’d be very happy if we did! Now we can sit back and relax over the weekend. We asked fellow blogger Rebecca what her favourite and least favourite SATs where, she said: “My favourite SAT was GPS in general and my least favourite subject was the level six reading.”

Well done Year 6

By Jake and Libby

Claret & Amber Day – Thanks for the support!

Today was Claret & Amber day at Blakehill to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Bradford City Fire. Over the next few weeks, around 40 schools in Bradford are having a claret and amber day and going school in non uniform.
We asked pupils and staff to wear Bradford City colours and donate a minimum of £1.
At the end of the school day, the Blakehill Bloggers also went out into the playground with buckets to see if any parents wanted to contribute any more money.

Altogether we have raised a grand total of £506.49 pounds!

This will all go to the Bradford City Burns Unit, so parents thank you for all of your support!
Claret & Amber Day 2015 on PhotoPeach

Sock Puppets 1R

This week 1R made lots of fantastic sock puppets. They all so amazing infact they were so amazing you couldn’t tell that they made them. They made these for their science topic about materials.
Sock Puppets in 1R on PhotoPeach

Which one is your favourite?

Claret and Amber Day

On the 11th of May 1985, a terrible thing occurred – the Co-operative stand in the Coral Windows stadium set on fire. 56 eager football fans (54 Bradford supporters and 2 Lincoln supporters) were killed.

To remember this tragic event we are having a Claret & Amber Day where we are asking pupils to wear claret and amber coloured clothing (obviously Bradford tops if possible) on the 8th of May. Children can wear football kits (preferably Bradford) or a PE Kit. Children are asked to bring in a minimum donation of £1.

All profits made will go to the Bradford Burns Unit.

Please help us to commemorate this tragic event and raise money for this amazing cause.
Lots of other schools in the area are also supporting this event. Click here to read about it in the T&A

Great writing in 3P by Maryam!

In Year 3, the children are reading the Famous Five book – Five on Treasure Island by Enid Blyton. This week they have been working on how to write an effective setting description. Maryam produced a really great piece of work, describing the storm on Kirrin Island.

Julian went out of the little, stone room into the pelting, horrible, growling rain to get some fire wood from the nest that the noisy jackdaws had made. As he was about to get the dry, clean wood, a spray of the sea splashed his cold, wet hair that stuck onto his frozen forehead. He thought that the waves must be gigantic so he climbed over a wall to look at the waves that he had pictured in his head. They were absolutely enormous! His hands were freezing cold. Then Julian saw a ship coming out of the water. He stared at it in amazement. He watched the big waves swirling up and down. Julian went inside and called the others. George quickly put a few sticks on the fire and then went outside. They all climbed the wall that Julian told them to climb. They all saw the wrecked ship.

Well done Maryam!

2G Class Assembly

Today 2G performed an amazing assembly that taught the audience quite a lot about animals and their habitats.They also talked about a story that they had been learning about called ‘Lost and Found’. They told us lots of interesting facts about Antarctica too!
Miss Gardner said “They were all fantastic and spoke very clearly! A big well done!”

By Libby