Science Week in Year 5

Year 5 have been busy doing lots of different experiments during Science Week. We have been continuing with our science topic – Properties of Materials – learning how to separate different objects using filtration and sieving. We have also been learning all about micro-organisms! The week started with an overview of what micro-organisms were and how they can be extremely useful. The children then conducted two different experiments looking at the conditions that encourage mould growth and what makes yeast grow. Yuck! The children also baked some delicious bread cakes. Yum!


Year 5 Ancient Greek Day!

The end of the Ancient Greek Civilization!

On Friday 27th March Year 5 had their Ancient Greek day! Year 5 became historical detectives, tracking back the history of theatre to the Ancient Greeks. They also researched what daily life was like for people living in Athens and Sparta using a variety of different sources. In the afternoon, the children tried some traditional Ancient Greek food including: olives, feta cheese, humous and pitta bread. It was so good there wasn’t any left!

B’Oscars 2015

Academy_Award_trophyOn Wednesday 26th March, Year Three hosted an evening celebration called the B’Oscars. It was a huge show with over 200 parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and friends attending! The purpose of the evening was to showcase the two films that the two classes had made.
The children have been working on the films for about 10 weeks. They have written all of the scenes themselves and then filmed each one. The children have worked exceptionally hard on improving their writing and have been extremely engaged and motivated to produce their best writing ever across many different genres.
As part of the project they have also learnt a lot about acting and film production techniques such as using different camera angles, and even green screen special effects.
The movies were both called Cindy, Ann and Bones and the Temple of Boom! One was by 3L and the other was by 3P and had some things in common but had ended up with two very different films.logo-a-tale-unfolds-300x106
On the night of the B’Oscars, the hall was transformed into a beautiful venue with balloons, glitter and a red carpet. The children dressed up too and looked absolutely amazing in their glamorous outfits! All of them received a B’Oscars certificate in recognition of the hard work they have put in to making the films. We then watched a special presentation video which announced 12 children who had been chosen to receive a golden B’Oscar trophy!
It really was a fabulous night. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you to all of the parents and carers for their support.

The Skydive Of Doom!

On 2nd April 2015 at 8:30 AM, Miss Dickinson is doing a skydive to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care. So far, she has raised an amazing £1320 and is hoping to raise even more before the big day.  We are incredibly proud of her for volunteering to do such a terrifying thing to raise money!  We can’t wait to hear how she gets on!  Good Luck!


Year 5 buddies

Six people in year 5 are play time buddies. Play time buddies is when girls and boys help people enjoy their break time and after their lunch. They also provide outside equipment for us to play with. Mrs Corbridge (our learning mentor) Would like to wish her playtime buddies a lovely special Easter Holiday!

The play time buddies are 6 girls named Louise, Isabel, Grace, Emily, Libby and Tara.

Easter Quiz

Happy-Easter-1024x682Here is a fun quiz for you to do this Easter holidays!

1. What are Easter eggs made out of?

A.Chocolate,B.Sugar or C.Honey comb

2.What is the date of Easter?

A.April 20th,B.April 1st or C.April 5th

3.How many weeks do we have lent for?

A.2 weeks,B.10 weeks or C.6 weeks

4.What shape is an Easter egg?

A.Oval,B.Circle or C.Heart

5.Who is Easter about?

A.Jesus,B.Mary or C.Mrs Patterson

Happy Easter! By Elyse

Science Week in Yr6

This week year 6 had a Science Week. We have done various activities such as; making healthy and junk posters, tasting herbs, map work and guessing, writing a debate about healthy and unhealthy foods and finding out what the calories where in different foods.
We found out there are many different herbs that get put inside foods that we eat every day including: Dill, Coriander, Sage, Chives, Cumin and Thyme. We had a tasting session to sample them all. These were mostly strong tasting and didn’t taste very nice.

We learnt a lot about healthy and junk foods from writing a debate and making a poster about them (we are experts now!). IMG_0111

Did you learn anything about science this week? If you did, then what about?

Easter Egg Appeal

As you all know, we are doing an Easter Egg Appeal at Blakehill. So far we have about 60 Easter eggs we all hope we can get even more. We are doing the Easter Egg Appeal because lots of children do not get Easter eggs for Easter around Bradford. Mr Cavalier-Lumley is extremely excited to see how many eggs we collect as he is the one who helps organise the Easter Egg Appeal. Our school has been doing the Easter Egg Appeal for several years.

Parents Evening 2015

On Tuesday and Thursday, it was Parents Evening! Parents Evening is where children’s parents come in and find out how well they’ve been doing in school so far, finding out what their children’s behaviour is like, what their levels are in all core subjects and get a chance to look at their children’s books. Hope you had a good parents evening! Did yours go well?

By Rebecca

Alice In Wonderland By Immanuel

*BEWARE* May contain spoilers if you haven’t seen Alice In Wonderland before!!!

On Wednesday 18th March and Thursday 19th March, Year 6 and Year 5 went to Immanuel College to see their new show, Alice In Wonderland – their own interpretation. It was one of the most amazing shows that I’ve seen!!! There were the same characters like the Queen Of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Chesire Cat and White Rabbit, however, there was a total new storyline like the fight between Alice and the Jabbawoki (SPOILER ALERT!!!) was not in and there was a court case in the Queen Of Hearts’ 1st Court about who stole her tarts. Also, the Mad Hatter and his friends were stuck in time to when he could only keep on having a tea party over and over again.
We had a really fantastic time. Thank you for inviting us Immanuel!

By Jake & Jessica