Year 1 Fireman Visit

This week, a local fireman, Mr Carter, visited Year 1. They talked about how to react when there’s a fire, and how to stay safe.

They also talked about people you trust, like your family or friends. The fireman talked about the responsibilities of fireman, and what they actually do for their job. Now, Year 1 fully understand what fireman do!

Red Nose Day 2015!

Today (13th March) was Red Nose Day so we had a very special assembly that was very enjoyable! Mrs Hall got all the people who made a good effort to make their faces ‘funny for money’. People really enjoyed this! Soon after she got 4 teachers, chose 4 pupils and finally got them to paint the teachers faces (they all looked very silly).
At the end we had a very special surprise………. a funny video of all of the staff dancing. It was sooooooo funny! Everyone really laughed at it!

At lunchtime, Mandy and her team made us a Red Lunch!

Extreme reading competition!

Blakehill Primary school has recently taken part in competition! It is called the Extreme reading competition. All you have to do is take a selfie of yourself reading your favourite book in the weirdest place you can think of. Easy. So far there has been some brilliant pictures that we would love to share!

Here are some of the pictures so far:

Extreme reading competition. on PhotoPeach

Year 5 and Year 2 reading partners

For World Book Day 5S and 2G took part in a reading morning. The children brought along their favourite book, which they then discussed with their partner. During the morning the children listened to each other read, asked questions to check their partner’s understanding and suggested ways that they could make their reading even better. The children worked really hard, reading with expression and accuracy. Happy World Book Day!

Mr Sidebottom and Miss Gardner.