3L Class Assembly!

On the 9th January 2015, class 3L did an amazing assembly about their School Linking day! They told us about how they made many friends and how they had so much fun.  They linked with a school called Westbourne Primary and went all the way to Nell Bank in Ilkley to meet each other. They did lots of different activities and it looked like they had tons of fun!

Lots of parents came to see the assembly and all the parents were so happy and had a big smile on each of their faces.

Are you in Year 3? If you went to Nell Bank, tell us if you had fun! What was your favourite activity? Did you make any new friends? Are you excited to see them again next time Blakehill go to meet Westbourne primary?

By Rebecca and Libby 6KW.

Christmas Stars in the Telegraph and Argus.

We are proud to say that our Reception and our KS1 Christmas performances were featured in the Telegraph and Argus over the festive period. The children and staff worked very hard on their performances and all their hard work paid off. They were all very happy when they had found out that they were in the Telegraph and Argus.
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