Year 6 Leavers Production

WOW, What a fantastic evening we had at school last night! If you hadn’t guessed, last night was the Year 6 leavers production for parents and they sure did put a show. For weeks the children have been working hard, practicing their roles for the big event and it really paid off. They put on a fantastic show and all the grown ups fully enjoyed themselves! The children really did themselves proud and even had Mrs Keighley in tears at the end. She spoke about how the children have made all the staff and parents proud throughout all their time at Blakehill and we couldn’t agree more. We wish them all the best as the move to their secondary schools and hope that they continue to work hard and do us proud. Don’t forget to come back and visit us anytime!

Here are a few picture from the night and a little sing along song from the show.

2017 Leavers Prom

Last night was the Year 6 leavers prom and it was a wonderful night for everyone that attended. The children made a real effort to get dressed up to come and have a good time with their friends before moving on to their secondary schools. Thank you to all the staff that made the evening possible. Please take a look at some of the pictures below.

New Reception Children and Parent Workshop

On Wednesday a bunch of shy, excited and well behaved children burst through the doors of their new classroom ready for a fun day and to meet new friends. Thirty little children came in the morning, who were very nervous as they had to be perfect in-front of their new teacher.

First, the little children had circle time (which is where they got to know each other) everybody learnt something new about each other; like a favourite colour or their names. It is very good to learn new things at school, you should 100%  have fun at school and we wish you the best of luck!

Meanwhile, parents were sat relaxing realising how wonderful our school is, while devouring delicious, creamy and sponge cakes and pouring coffee down their warm throats. Mrs Corbridge (our lovely learning mentor) talked to them about all the great things we do in school. Reception had juice instead, it tasted absolutely delicious; after they had finished they got to play with toys of every kind. Full as a glass they went home and told their parents all about their day. Now it was time to repeat it once again in the afternoon (with the other half of the new reception children).

We hope you enjoyed your day. We wish you all the best of luck for your new year at Blakehill!

By Brooke and Emily- Mae

Blakehill Got Talent Contestants !

This week everyone in Blakehill got the chance to audition for our popular show Blakehill’s Got Talent. This show will take place on the 20th July on the last week of term. After all the talent the teachers saw, they counted up the votes that the pupils had written down. Eventually they were counted up and that brought it down to one act per class.

These are the contestants of Blakehill Got Talent 2017,

  • RD- Lacey- Gymnastics
  • RG- Frank, Frazer- Jokes
  • 1W – Zach and friends- Dancing
  • IP- Mollie, Layla, Megan and Scarlett- Dancing
  • 2S- Lily-Mae -Old Mcdonald
  • 2P- Eleanor- Ballet
  • 3R- Duggy-Rap
  • 3P- Jessica- Dancing
  • 4L- Ethan and Daniel- Comedy
  • 4LO- Rees- Playing Guitar
  • 5H- Elliot- Singing
  • 5R- The Boyz: Subhan, Steven,Joe, Jake and George- Mixed Dance
  • 6S- Ruby-Singing
  • 6R- Abu- Car noises

There are all of the contestants for the show. We can’t wait to see these amazing, talented pupils perform. Well Done to everyone who auditioned and got through!  Good Job! 🙂


Catapult Competition!

This week an interesting letter was sent out as part of our terrific Science week! The challenging competition was to design your own catapult! And you even get to make it out of recyclable materials and name it.

This Catapult had to be made out of certain material (recyclable): cereal boxes, milk bottle lids, yoghurt pots, lollipop sticks. Also your model is not allowed to be bigger than A4 paper, the idea for this is to shoot a ping pong ball out of the catapult. There is a price to enter but it is all going to the prize for Science Week, the cost is a small charge, which is 50p. Their will be one winner from Reception and Key Stage 1 and another winner from Key Stage 2. The closing date for the competition is 25th of May 2017 (next Thursday) and the winners will be announced on the 26th Friday May 2017.

We look forward to seeing for fantastic designs and catapults for the competition and we will see who wins. Good Luck!

By Brooke and Alex

Reception visit the Rainbow Factory

On Tuesday the 25th of April, Reception visited the Rainbow Factory in Farsley. This was their first ever trip and it was extremely exciting, they thought it was so magical and couldn’t wait to explore. Firstly, they went to go see Jack and the Beanstalk , which was performed by some of the creative staff members, the children thought it was so wonderful and wanted to watch it again. During the exciting act the children also helped out in the story telling which was incredibly fun for them. Afterwards, they went for a Fairy Adventure stroll in the magical woods. In the magical woods they played a game where they had to throw the large berries into the giants mouth. However, if they missed they had to go to jail. They also made a song about the greedy giant using their own wacky ideas from the play of Jack and the Beanstalk. At the end they performed their brilliant songs to the audience.Reception used their amazing phonics skills to describe what was in Jack’s pocket and the Giant’s pockets. Finally they did some ARRRRTTT (Miss Gardener’s way of being a Reception child again) and used their creative minds.

Reception had a wonderful time thanks to the Blakehill staff members, the parents helpers and the staff at the Rainbow Factory. They really want to go again.

By Brooke and Emily

Water Safety

This week, on Tuesday 28th, Year 3 had a water safety talk. This talk was to help them be aware of the dangers when you are around open water such as ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. They talked about what could happen if you were to fall into a pond or a river. The children in Year 3 also learnt about what to do to help if someone else fell into deep water. Here a some mighty tips that the year 3’s have given on their information posters: Never dive in because then you could drown and possibly die; Stay away from the edge of the land surrounding open waters;Use a stick or piece of clothing to help a friend if they fall in. Now, if the children in Year 3 ever go some where near open water they know what to do and how to keep safe.

Thank you to Yorkshire Water!

By  Brooke

Celebrity Guest Visits Blakehill!

This week Mrs Russell organised for a very special visitor come to our school who used to be a pupil here. They came to open the new Library and have a look around the school to see how much it as changed this they were here. Former Manchester United and England international player Tom Cleverley! He was given a tour round our school by Mr Patterson and two pupils Dhruv and Billy and he couldn’t believe how much the school had changed since he had left. But that’s not all… Tom also remembered a few teachers that are still here from when he was. They were Mrs Feather (then known as Mrs Drew) and Mrs Hall (then known as Miss Kells). Did you know that Mrs Hall was Tom’s first football coach before he went on to work for Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Louis Van Ghal! It was amazing to think that someone internationally famous had come to our school. After he had opened our new library unfortunately he had to go and pick up his own children. This was very sad but happy because he had got to meet some of us and he is always welcome to come back and see us all again!

By Emily and Brooke

Red Nose Day 2017!!

Today was Red Nose Day! We have been raising money for children in Africa, the United Kingdom and all around the world. Did you know that when you are in the UK you are never further that 40 miles from a Red Nose Day funded scheme? The grand total raised today was £484.17! We raised £366.80 for non-uniform, while on the ‘Guess The Sweets’ game we raised £117.37 that makes a grand total of £484.17, Thank you so much for all your donations and efforts in getting dressed in red for red nose day! As well as dressing in red some people even painted their face or dyed their hair!
The winner of the guess the sweets was Taylor in 3P with a guess of 304 sweets, when the jar contained 327 sweets in total! This lucky girl got to take the full jar home with her.( Lets hope she shares them with her big sister the Blogger!) 

By Adam and Alex.