2S Assembly

This afternoon, 2S performed an amazing assembly that was all about The Great Fire of London. It was truly one of the best assemblies that we have seen in a while. Fortunately, we will be able to tell you all about it as you may not of been able to see it.

First, it started off with two grandchildren and a grandpa who went back in time to the Great Fire of London. The first person they met was Samuel Pepys and he was writing in his special diary. He wrote in a strange language so nobody could understand it that well.

Then, the 3 people, who were the two grandchildren and the grandpa, met the king. One of the grandchildren asked him what he was doing? The king answered,” I’ve tried everything to stop this fire. I’ve even tried pulling people’s houses down. Nothing works!”

Next, somebody suggested gunpowder. He liked the idea and tried it. It worked. It was a fantastic assembly!

By Ava,Ivy and Mollie

Year 2 Chocolate Factory

On Tuesday, Year 2 went on a trip to Yorkshire Chocolate Factory and they have told that it is an amazing place to go!

In the morning, Year 2 went to the Chocolate Factory earlier than expected. The coach ride was pretty long but it was sure worth it! The kids got to try some chocolate and even create a chocolate lolly pop and lickable wallpaper. Although most of the kids didn’t actually like the wallpaper, they enjoyed making them!

In the chocolate story, the first class went inside and some workers who make chocolate gave them all a tour. Inside one of the rooms was a circular table with a hole in the middle and small locked hatches. The circular thing was in a dark shadowy extension from a larger room. On the wall on the left was a large pad or screen thing this showed the children a story of the chocolate and how chocolate was made a long time ago.

After lunch, the young kids went and explored some more and they made their chocolate item. later on, they headed home feeling tired but having had a great time!

By Cara, Eleanor and Ivy!

2S Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2s performed a wonderful, creative assembly all about the artist Claude Monet. They even had Claude himself here to talk to us and look at their art work.

We were taught facts all about his life, shown how they worked to create their own pieces of art like Monet did and spoken to in french!

To finish their assembly, they performed a marvellous dance to sur le pont d’avignon.

It was a great, confident and informative assembly. Well done 2S!

2S class assembly

This week on Friday 2nd November 2S performed their fascinating class assembly all about the Gunpowder Plot.  They went back in time to November 1605 to show us how it all began.  They started with King James the 1st walking across the hall showing everybody what he looked like.  After that, Guy Fawkes made a plan to kill the king with his ten friends.  However, Guy Fawkes didn’t succeed and was caught by the king’s guards who sent him and his friends to prison.

2S then sang a song to celebrate all religions working together. The excellent story taught us how Bonfire night all started.

What an excellent assembly 2S. Well Done!

Year 2 Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

On Thursday the 5th of July, Year 2 went on an amazing trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, as part of their animal learning in science! Eventhough the temperatures were through the roof, the children went around the park, looking at all the different animals, and learning some fun facts that they could use for their topic when they got back to school. Some of the animals they saw were: baboons, painted dogs, lemurs, wallabies, tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, polar bears and meerkats.

They moved onto a fantastic workshop all about polar bears, and learned some interesting information about their lifestyle. Polar bears are becoming endangered due to the ice caps which are melting because of global warming. Not only that, but some polar bears have sadly had to swim for 9 days non stop, just to find the next iceberg, and because they are melting, their food, seals, are also disappearing. The children found out that they could help the situation by turning off lights and electricity when we are not using them. They also learnt some facts about the polar bears appearance: they have small ears to keep the heat in; black skin to absorb heat; their fur isn’t white – its transparent; they weigh the same as a small car and they have large paws to stop them falling through the ice!

Year 2 said they had a fantastic day and they had a brilliant time although it was really warm! They enjoyed learning all about the different animals and the polar bears, and really enjoyed their workshop – Oscar even said it was the best trip ever!

By Mckensey

2S Class Assembly

Today, 2S performed an amazing assembly all about the book that they had been learning in class. They told us that it was all about teamwork and so linked to our school motto of ‘Together we can’. It was so good that people clapped regularly throughout it and there were lots of laughs. Linked to the theme of different coloured crayons, they sang two fantastic songs about the colours of the rainbow. Their singing was very clear and lovely to listen to.

They acted out the story with children dressed as the crayons! Each of the crayons read out the letter they had written to the little boy who used them. These letters were funny! 2S explained about working together during sports day and cheering/motivating each other so showed that they had learnt from the teamworking in their book.

It was a very good assembly everyone spoke clearly, fluent and loud so everyone could hear them!

Well Done 2S!

By Alex

Year 2 Class Assembly

Today, Year 2 did a fantastic assembly all about Bonfire Night and the Gunpowder Plot. Their aim was to make people remember not only the 5th of November but how everyone follows different religions and beliefs which it is important to understand. They explained that we should listen to everyone’s point of view and be kind to each other- if we do this we all live peacefully.

They exclaimed how people celebrate Bonfire night:



Bonfires with a model Guy Fawkes on top.

Guy Fawkes wanted England to be catholic again so he and a group of friends planned a plot of gunpowder in the Houses of Parliament to kill the King. Fortunately, he  failed and got caught by the king’s guards. With his friends, he was sentenced to be hung and quartered.

Year 2 did a wonderful job and we definitely learnt the importance of listening to and accepting other people’s views.

Blakehill’s Got Talent 2017

This afternoon we had our live final of Blakehill;s Got Talent and what a fantastic show it was. Below are the videos of all the entries. Class have been voting and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning! Good Luck to everyone involved, you are all winners in my eyes!

At the end of the show the staff also put on a special performance too…

Blakehill Got Talent Contestants !

This week everyone in Blakehill got the chance to audition for our popular show Blakehill’s Got Talent. This show will take place on the 20th July on the last week of term. After all the talent the teachers saw, they counted up the votes that the pupils had written down. Eventually they were counted up and that brought it down to one act per class.

These are the contestants of Blakehill Got Talent 2017,

  • RD- Lacey- Gymnastics
  • RG- Frank, Frazer- Jokes
  • 1W – Zach and friends- Dancing
  • IP- Mollie, Layla, Megan and Scarlett- Dancing
  • 2S- Lily-Mae -Old Mcdonald
  • 2P- Eleanor- Ballet
  • 3R- Duggy-Rap
  • 3P- Jessica- Dancing
  • 4L- Ethan and Daniel- Comedy
  • 4LO- Rees- Playing Guitar
  • 5H- Elliot- Singing
  • 5R- The Boyz: Subhan, Steven,Joe, Jake and George- Mixed Dance
  • 6S- Ruby-Singing
  • 6R- Abu- Car noises

There are all of the contestants for the show. We can’t wait to see these amazing, talented pupils perform. Well Done to everyone who auditioned and got through!  Good Job! 🙂


2S Class Assembly.

Today Mrs Scott’s class held a fantastic assembly all about Health week,(that has been this week). TO start of their assembly they explained what your body needs to stay healthy and spoke about the different food groups eg: carbohydrate and protein. They told us how to keep fit and told us they have been doing a daily mile, like other classes, for a whole week! They then told the audience about a boot camp training session they had done with Steve O, a personal trainer, from Kents fitness gym! After all of this, they told us how important sleeping is and told everyone, very strictly, to go to bed at 7 O’clock so that we get enough sleep! “NEVER” they said, I don’t blame them! As part of their health week they made fruit kababs made out of  delicious fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and so on. They cut open fruit  to see what it look like and they got told they had to draw a picture, which all turned out like master pieces! To finish their fantastic assembly they sang a song about staying healthy.

By Alex