Jamie’s Ministry of food

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Year 4 took part in Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food. They went over to extra club to learn about healthy eating, food hygiene and food awareness. Andy, the chef for the two days, told them all what we should eat and what  we shouldn’t eat. He showed us a balanced diet plate and the stuff we are meant to eat more of was in the larger part on of the plate. The food we shouldn’t eat were in the smaller part of the plate.

Once he told us how to cut with a sharp knife, we had to  cut our own food up in to quarters and half.  We had cut up all of our food and put in the pan and started to mix all the the spices up into the food  to flavour our vegetable fajitas. At the end of the session our parents were invited to join us to take a look at the fun things that we had been up to. When we finally finished cooking, it was time to put the cooked vegetables into the wraps with some yogurt and cheese. Then we ate our lovely delicious wrap.We all would probably do it again!We all loved learning how to cook.

Theo (4L) said, “I odn’t like courgettes but I love them in this!”
Marley (4J) said, “I love mushrooms. I’ll be making this at home.”

by Taylor

4L class Assembly

Today,was 4L’s class assembly about their trip to Nell Bank and about what they did whilst there . They had a Countryfile theme with presenters interviewing their minibeast and pond dipping experts. These experts told us what they had caught such as a dragon fly nymph and newt. They also told us about how they had built dens and gone on a long walk up to Ilkley Moor. They then started to sing a song that they learnt at Nell Bank by Jack and John who were their teachers. It sounds like they had a wonderful time and it was a very interesting assembly.


Year 4 residential trip to Nell Bank

On the 19th of March 2018, Year 4 came to school in non-uniform with suitcases and luggage since they were going on a 2 night residential to Nell Bank. When we arrived at Nell Bank we met our Nell Bank leaders called Jack and John who started us on our first activity which was mini beast hunting.Next we had the chance to explore Nell Bank by taking part in the Nell Bank Habitat Trail.

Once we’d finished, we went to  Middleton to have our lunch before having the chance to go to the adventure and the water playground. We played a while until it was time for tea which tonight was sausage and mash with veg or jacket potato. Once we’d finished tea, teachers sorted us into our dormitories (the girls rooms were named Asquith and Hawksworth. The boys rooms were called Denton and  Rombalds). We headed over to our rooms and sorted our beds and got our pyjamas ready for bed. Soon after that, we headed back down to Middleton for a quiz,hot chocolate,a biscuit and Mr Lowe read Harry Potter before we headed to bed.

The next morning, we all woke up ready for our long 7 mile walk. We went to Middleton to eat chocolate spread,jam or butter toast and cornflakes or rice krispies. We then packed a rucksack and set off on the long walk which took all day. When we returned in the evening we had time for a quick play on the adventure playground before our tea which we wolfed down. After tea, since it was still light, we played out again before showering and getting ready for bed.

Once we were all ready for bed we chilled out with some colouring before singing happy birthday to Jess, Ava and Mrs Javed. We drank our hot chocolate and ate cake before wearily traipsing to our long awaited beds.

Waking up on our last day, we had a lot to do before starting our activities. We stripped our rooms and packed our bags before readying ourselves for the fun of pond dipping and den building. After lots of fun and teamworking, which led to some marvellous dens, it was time to come home and see our school mates and families.

We were tired but happy having had a fantastic time and would definitely go again!
We can’t wait for our Year 5 residential now!

By Pasha and Taylor

Blakehill’s Got Talent 2017

This afternoon we had our live final of Blakehill;s Got Talent and what a fantastic show it was. Below are the videos of all the entries. Class have been voting and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning! Good Luck to everyone involved, you are all winners in my eyes!

At the end of the show the staff also put on a special performance too…

Blakehill Got Talent Contestants !

This week everyone in Blakehill got the chance to audition for our popular show Blakehill’s Got Talent. This show will take place on the 20th July on the last week of term. After all the talent the teachers saw, they counted up the votes that the pupils had written down. Eventually they were counted up and that brought it down to one act per class.

These are the contestants of Blakehill Got Talent 2017,

  • RD- Lacey- Gymnastics
  • RG- Frank, Frazer- Jokes
  • 1W – Zach and friends- Dancing
  • IP- Mollie, Layla, Megan and Scarlett- Dancing
  • 2S- Lily-Mae -Old Mcdonald
  • 2P- Eleanor- Ballet
  • 3R- Duggy-Rap
  • 3P- Jessica- Dancing
  • 4L- Ethan and Daniel- Comedy
  • 4LO- Rees- Playing Guitar
  • 5H- Elliot- Singing
  • 5R- The Boyz: Subhan, Steven,Joe, Jake and George- Mixed Dance
  • 6S- Ruby-Singing
  • 6R- Abu- Car noises

There are all of the contestants for the show. We can’t wait to see these amazing, talented pupils perform. Well Done to everyone who auditioned and got through!  Good Job! 🙂


Sports Day 2017!

On Tuesday 16th May, weather permitting, Reception, Years 1 and 2, will be holding their Sports Day at 1:45 PM.

Year 3 and 4 is on Wednesday 17th May, weather permitting.

Year 5 and 6 is on Thursday 18th May, weather permitting.

You can  come and watch your child by going through the gate on Doctor Hill.





For Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 your child may come to school wearing their house colour and suitable sports clothing. However, Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 your child should be sent to school in their normal uniform and bring their sports clothes to change into.

On the day, please make sure that any younger children/toddlers are kept off of the race track where Sports Day is taking place as we don’t want them to get hurt.

And please do not give your children snacks in the afternoon because we don’t want to distract them from the events.

If it is a warm day please send your child to school with a bottle of water and a sun hat and please make sure to put sun cream on your child if necessary.

By Adam and Alex

Year 4 look at the digestive system!

This week  Year 4 have stated to study the digestive system. As part of their studies they had to recreate it in groups using a banana and chocolate spread sandwich, cutlery, water, vinegar, a bowl, a plastic wallet, and some tights .
To begin they made the chocolate and banana spread sandwich which then they chopped up into small pieces, like our front teeth do (the incisors). Then then got their hands really messy by shoved them into the sandwich and squashing it and mixed it up with some water which represented the molars (the teeth at back in your mouth)and the water represented saliva made in the mouth.
Next, into the plastic wallet it went were they had to squish it while vinegar got poured in! This was to show the stomach mixing everything together like a cement mixer and the vinegar was the stomach acid which helps to break food down into nutrients for the body.  
After they had mixed the food and vinegar up they poured the mixture in some tights which acted as the intestines.The intestines are were nutrients and water are taken into the body to be used. To show all the nutrients and water being taken out of the mixture by the body they squeezed the tights over a bowl.
Once all the water was squeezed out the mixture became more solid and they cut the bottom of the tights and squeezed out the mixture onto a plate. This acted as the rectum and the faeces passing out of the body. They had a brilliant time recreating the digestive system and some of them said it was the best science lesson ever! They are already enjoying this topic and I hope that will carry on!
Take a look at the pictures and see what a great time they had!
By Alex

Year 4 Nell Bank Residential

Fantastic, thought Mr Lowe as the bus pulled up just in time. Today, Mr Lowe’s favourite days of the year was finally here, Year 4 were about to take a step into the interesting wild; where butterfly fluttered and mint green plants sprouted to the mask. Loading on the bus ,like their bags, they waved and smiled to their loving parents.After a short time,’SCREECH’ went  the bus, they had arrived!

Already nervous, they met Ruth and Mel, who were extremely nice to then they quickly went  through the rules so they could get to the fun! Once they had dropped their bags off at the cosy dorms, they went off to do a fire drill with the leaders. Finally prepared for their stay ahead, they split off into groups and went to the ponds to do pond dipping and down to the fields to do an interesting mini beast hunt! Hungry and tired out after their eventful day, they still found some energy in them and went off to play on the Adventure area before tea.

After tea, they went back on the play area and even got to have a game of cricket on the field. Worn out and feeling cold and fulfilled, everybody went to sip on a hot chocolate before bed. “mmm” Unfortunately, the first night was a little rocky sleep wise as their minds were full of thoughts of the next day.

After breakfast, everyone got ready for the moor walk. From Nell Bank up to Ilkley Moor, they explored the countryside to the Cow and calf and then back up to Nell Bank. It was 7 and a half miles in total! Wow! They’re definitely ready for Ingelbrough Hall, where they walk 9 miles! They had lunch up on the moor – Madinah’s sandwich was stolen by a dog! When they had returned and had a rest, they did the habitat trail around the site. The adventure play and water play was taken over by the crowds of children! Alas, it was time for tea and a shower before cosy bedtime – they all went to sleep much quieter this time from the tiring walk!

The last day! Everybody packed their cases and left the dorms neatly before breakfast. Afterwards, they did orienteering and exciting den building! (Mr Lowe’s group built the best!) This was when they waved goodbye and hopped back on the coach on their way back to school. Everybody had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new skills. When they were back at school, they were very excited to see their parents and trundled home to their warm beds and back to normal routine!

Mckensey and Emily Mae

Red Nose Day 2017!!

Today was Red Nose Day! We have been raising money for children in Africa, the United Kingdom and all around the world. Did you know that when you are in the UK you are never further that 40 miles from a Red Nose Day funded scheme? The grand total raised today was £484.17! We raised £366.80 for non-uniform, while on the ‘Guess The Sweets’ game we raised £117.37 that makes a grand total of £484.17, Thank you so much for all your donations and efforts in getting dressed in red for red nose day! As well as dressing in red some people even painted their face or dyed their hair!
The winner of the guess the sweets was Taylor in 3P with a guess of 304 sweets, when the jar contained 327 sweets in total! This lucky girl got to take the full jar home with her.( Lets hope she shares them with her big sister the Blogger!) 

By Adam and Alex.

4L Class assembly

On Friday, 4L had their class assembly. It was all about Britain in World War 2. In class they read a story called Friend or Foe all about 2 evacuee boys who find two German bomber pilots. They also read out some of their written work that they had done which included: Diary entries, setting descriptions and stories. In topic, they listened to Neville Chamberlain’s speech and imagined what it would have been like to have heard it first hand. He said that Germany had invaded Poland so they needed to be ready for the war.  They did a very good job and their parents were very proud of them. They spoke very clearly.Everyone could hear them all over the hall! It was a very good assembly and we hope to see another one just as good!

By Adam and Emily