Christmas Fayre

On Monday, a Christmas Fayre was held in the school hall. There were many exciting activities that people of all ages could join in. Even Santa came to join in the fun and give children special presents!

The fayre had different stalls and tombolas that had a  variety gifts.  Some of the stalls had scrumptious treats that everybody ate and enjoyed. Also there were many raffles, lucky dips  and tombolas that most of the people took part in . Some lucky people won the prizes so congratulations to them.

Santa took a visit to Blakehill to see whether the children were naughty or nice.  He gave out many chocolates and sweets to the children at the fayre ( some of the adults too! )

Aminah who went to the fayre said ” it was a great time and I would do it again ”

Non of this would happen if it werent for the PTFA who helped to put all of this together.

By Libby and Aminah

Y3/4 Cinema trip

On the Friday 14th of December, all of Year 3 and 4 went over to the cinema, as a reward for their excellent behaviour during  their lesson times. They got to go and watch Ralph breaks the Internet. On the way they were all very excited and chatty on the coach! They thought that it was fun, enjoyable and the best film ever. They found it love able’ and they thought that it was a film that they want to see again! There were loads of giggles in the film at the silly things Ralph and his friend got up to. When they got back to school they were truly in the Christmas spirit.

By Taylor and Mia

Reception nativity

For a very long time, Reception have been practising their fabulous production ensuring  it is excellent for the school and their parents (it certainly was!).  The production was about the Christmas story and they explained it through excellent acting and clear voices. It all started off with a song and then Mary came to the stage with Joseph following close behind her. Then the narrators stated that they rode on a donkey to Bethlehem.  They also told us about Mary having a baby, Jesus the king of the world.

After that, they went around the inns asking if there was any room.  All they got was,”NO!” every single time.  As they reached another inn, they got a no again but the innkeeper felt sorry for Mary and Joseph so he gave them another place to stay. Reception explained that they had to stay in a stable and that was where the baby was born.  Soon after the baby was born, they explained it was the son of god that was born and the rest was history!

by Aminah and Mia

The Christmas Fayre

On the 10th of December, there will be a Blakehill Christmas Fayre for all ages. It will be in the main school hall with the annual,”secret shop”. Also located in reception class there will be a selection of gifts for your mum and dad.

There will be a £1 entry fee for the adults but in return you will be given a raffle ticket to win a star prize! Also there will be some fund raising stalls such as ; guess the weight of the cake and name the teddy. Drinks and food will be included at the cafe. You can donate your own buns and cakes that can be sold at the fayre and it will be a massive help if you do.

Reception:  You could bring home-made buns, cakes or biscuits for the cafe.                             Year 1,2,3 : You could bring in unopened chocolate for our tombola, sweets, bars, drinking chocolate even chocolate spread-YUM.                                                                                      Year 4,5,6 : It would be a massive help if you bring bottles for the bottle tombola stall, any shape and any size as long as its not open. These are some of the things you could bring: soap, shampoo, wine, beer , bubble bath, flavoured water, HP sauce, bubbles , etc….        Hopefully we will see you there!

By Cora and Taylor

St Cuthbert’s Christingle Services

This week Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 have been at St Cuthbert’s church for their annual Christingle services. At each service they had to sing a number of songs which they have been practicing for weeks and weeks and they did a fantastic job! Take a look at the videos below to hear the children in action. At the start of the service some children had the opportunity to carry christingles down the church aisle as the choir sang their hearts out. Both services got a huge round of applause for their beautiful singing and for their retelling of the Christmas Story. As we did such a fantastic job, St Cuthbert’s church are allowing us to go back next Christmas so we can do it all again!  Thank you for coming and watching your child.

Merry Christmas everyone!

By Alex

we three kings y5/6 from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Silent Night LKS2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Calypso Carol LSK2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

We Three Kings LKS2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Go Tell It on a Mountain LKS2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Infant Holy LKS2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Away in a Manger LKS2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Little Town of Bethlehem LKS2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

It was on a Starry Night LKS2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Zither Carol LSK2 Christingle from Blakehill School on Vimeo.

Reception and Year 1 & 2 Christmas Production

On Monday and Tuesday, Reception and Year 1 & 2 finally revealed their Christmas Production to the whole school after months of practising and perfecting their performance! Reception’s nativity ( A King Is Born) was a upbeat, fun story all about a mummy, daddy, grandma and grandad who were telling the Christmas story to their four children on Christmas Eve. They spoke confidently and clearly to their audience, and enjoyed it as they were performing – they sang four different songs with fantastically loud and brave voices starting with It’s Christmas Eve! Dancing to the upbeat music, Reception remembered all of their lines and a special well done to the four main characters the mummy, daddy and grandma and grandad! To finish it off, the children carried on to sing three more songs, Over 2000 years ago, The Three Kings and Glory Glory. Well done Reception class!

Moving over to KS1, their wonderful performance began with the title Hey Ewe! And yes it does say ewe, which is a sheep! After months of practicing with Mrs Scott (the kind producer and teacher) they finally perfected it and showed us how it went. Of all the sheep in the flock, the smallest, youngest ewe was the most inquisitive and curious and was always busy making trouble under the shepherds feet. She was always asking silly questions and to the annoyance of the rest of the flock, she never stopped talking! The little sheep always had to know what was going on! However, one night, while all the other sheep were sleeping, that little ewe wouldn’t rest and knew something was different in the air.

Throughout the production, KS1 re-enacted the story of Christmas and the baby sheep’s reaction to baby Jesus and the angels news. With comedy and humour, the actress for the curious ewe was fantastic in learning her lines and acting it out perfectly through the rest of the performance. KS1 also sang a number of upbeat, happy songs which were: Hustle Bustle, Something’s Going On, How Much Further to Bethlehem?, Calypso Kings, Hey Ewe!, Gospel Angels and A King Is Born!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the children from KS1 and Reception performed twice to a hall packed full of their parents, they must be shattered now but they did a fantastic job.
The children really enjoyed learning their lines and perfecting and performing their production. Check out their nativity productions below and leave a comment.

By Mckensey

Blakehill’s Secret Santa Appeal 2017

Every year around this time near Christmas, the school governors organise the Blakehill Secret Santa Appeal. The idea behind this is to support families and children in Bradford who are not as lucky as us in school and may not get presents for birthdays or Christmas like we do. Mr Cavalier-Lumley told us in Tuesday’s assembly that all gift tags are stationed at the school office and everyone (if they want to participate) can choose a boy or a girl of any age. once you have bought your present for the child bring it back to the school office with the tag attached but do not wrap it please!

We hope that you will help Blakehill out and see how many families lives you can make fantastic this Christmas, so they can enjoy themselves just like you will be doing when you wake up and open all of your lucky presents!

By Mckensey

Year 6 Visit Saint Cuthbert’s Church

This Wednesday, Year 6 went to visits St. Cuthbert’s – however they were not alone. Accompanied by lots of enjoyable activity’s and another school, they set to work trying their very hardest to identify true or false facts on Christmas but it was not that easy, as it was not your usual fact it was full of crazy facts! After a hard selection of statements that were dished out, they split the smaller groups in half the first group went and made beautiful candle holders.

Caking glue on a glass cup, they began to decorate it with multicoloured strips of paper then they put glue back over it to make a glories candle holders. Next up they made chatter boxes, which was a hard task. Time got ahead of us and sadly we had to head back to school.We had a amazing time and we cant wait to go back.

Also if you are interest tomorrow (2.12.17) St Cuthbert’s are doing a walking nativity were we will walk all over Wrose if you are interested come at 5.00pm tomorrow

By Emily Mae

Mr Lowe’s E-Safety Assembly

On Tuesday, Mr Lowe hosted an E-Safety assembly for the whole school were he explained to the school how important  being safe on the internet is.He started off by talking about what time of year it was and how he was starting to feel rather festive, we were all wondering where he was going with it. However, he then said he had bought 3 people early Christmas presents and wanted to give them out during his assembly which got use all really excited! He asked the audience for 3 glamorous assistants who were:



and Mckensey.

They were each given a gift from his bag which turned out to be… plain white t-shirts. He gave each of them a t-shirt and asked them to personalise them to make them their own. They took suggestions from the audience on how to do this. They drew their family, school (Blakehill), hobbies, homes and wrote their full names and addresses as well as their telephone numbers. Mr Lowe then asked them to put their new tops on and said he was going to take them to Broadway Shopping Centre to wear them but they said they wouldn’t like to because it had so much personal information on it. Mr Lowe then explained how we often put all this information online and don’t think anything of it and that it is important to keep this information safe. He stressed to keep your private information private! Remember to stay safe on the internet and in public.

By Alex

KS2 Christingle services at St Cuthbert Church

This week, Key Stage 2 went to St Cubthert Church and to host a Christingle Service for family and friends. On Wednesday 14th, year 5 and 6 went to the Christingle Service accompanied by the Blakehill choir. This was very educational as it told the story of Jesus’ birth. They read many parts,during this they also sang many songs. One song they sang was, We Three Kings (this was only for the choir)three girls played a role in the song by singing solo’s. The brave girls sang amazing; Macey sang Myrrh, Emily -Mae sang Frankincense and Brooke sang Gold They sounded like angels. Everyone did very well and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Year 3 and 4 also went but on Thursday 15th. They were also accompanied by the beautiful choir. Their Christingle  Service was different from Year 5 and 6  as children from Year 3 played the parts of the people and animals that were involved in the story of Jesus’ birth. Year 4 read out the story while some young children carried the Christingle. Holly (in year 3) played Mary and was followed by Lucas who played Joseph. They all did a wonderful job of being the story to life through songs, poems, readings and acting. there were lots of  happy parents who had big smile on their faces.

Thank you to Mrs Marsden and Mrs Bedell for their hard work putting the Christingle Service together and all the other staff that helped out on both days.

We hope this footage puts a smile on your face. Merry Christmas everyone : ) .

By Emily- Mae and Brooke