2S Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2s performed a wonderful, creative assembly all about the artist Claude Monet. They even had Claude himself here to talk to us and look at their art work.

We were taught facts all about his life, shown how they worked to create their own pieces of art like Monet did and spoken to in french!

To finish their assembly, they performed a marvellous dance to sur le pont d’avignon.

It was a great, confident and informative assembly. Well done 2S!

3H Class Assembly

Today,  Year 3 had  their  class assembly  that was all about a book that they have been reading and learning about in class. This book is called Little Babaji and they had been looking at it as part of world book week. The story is about a boy from India whose mum is called Mamaji and dad is called  Papaji. He lives with his dad and his mum.  One day his mum sewed him a dark, fiery red coat,  a light  green tropical green umbrella, purple shoes and bright sky looking blue trousers which his mum sold at a  shop called Bazar.

One day, he went to the forest wearing these clothes and saw a tiger approaching  him.  Suddenly,  the  tiger shouted out  “I am the greatest of them all.” So that he could leave safely,  Little Babayi  gave him his coat then the tiger raced into the misty forest and continued walking but encountered 3 more tigers who robed him of the rest of his new clothes. After telling their story, they sang Little Light of Mine and did two dances which were very well thought out.

by Daniel, Taylor

Dance competition 2018

On Saturday 29th,  Blakehill took part in a dance competition with the theme of coal mining. The team had the help from Mrs Pedley, Mrs Horrocks and many more adults to design the set, dance routine and encourage them on the day. Their scenery was hand made which won them BEST SCENERY and BEST THEME! Many children went from years 3,4,5 and 6. The National Coal Mining museum lent them overalls to wear so they look the part. Their dance was based on coal mining from Victorian times up to 2015 when the last coal mine in Britain closed- what a creative topic. Many schools took part but we had a very good dance and were very proud of all our children who took part.
By Alex

Year 4 Bradford East One Dance Show

On Wednesday 9th March, Year 4 went to Hanson School to put on a dance show with other schools in our area. For the past few weeks, they have been practising a Zumba dance routine with Wellington Primary and Grove House. Once at Hanson, our pupils practised their routine with the other schools who had been learnign routines for all different styles of music. These included rock, bhangra and street dance. Later on, parents came to watch the performance and there was a large crowd. Even though it was nerve wracking, our children did themselves and our school very proud. Well done.

By Max

Year 4 BEOP at Hanson on PhotoPeach

Year 4 Big Dance

300 children from 15 other primary schools took part in a day of dance at Hanson school. We spent the morning at Swain House practising Zumba, Street Dancing, Bollywood and Rock n Roll.

Hanson was packed with parents and we all had a brilliant time.