RP Class Assembly

On Friday, Reception performed an excellent class assembly all about what they’ve learnt at Blakehill so far.

They started off by showing off they’re brilliant knowledge of phonics, to name a few: i, m and g. Even better, they came up to a whiteboard and presented their spellings.

It didn’t end there! Next, they showed us how they counted to ten and how they knew which numbers were odd and even . They even showed us a sum that impressed us all as it was not only correct, but beautifully presented!

Towards the end, they showed us all about the book they had been reading called  ‘ Dinosaurs Love Underpants.’ They then did performed the main plot of the story us all which was really entertaining. Although this was their first assembly, it was one of the best ones the year! We cannot wait for their next one.

By Aminah and Libby G

RD Class Assembly

Today (Friday 1st February 2019) the children of reception performed their very first assembly in front of the whole school. They talked all about their learning on dinosaurs and the exciting history that goes with it.

They first listed some of the different types dinosaurs  such as: Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus Rex , Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and many more! They then showed us some of their pictures, which were amazing, that they drew all by themselves.

Next, they acted like cavemen and dinosaurs which was really entertaining! After that, reception showed us how people used to live like back in the days of dinosaurs. They used the information from the book ‘Dinosaurs in underpants’ to share with us all these amazing facts that they have discovered. All the children spoke with beautifully clear voice and had learnt all of their words off by heart.

It was a brilliant assembly and we certainly cannot wait for their next one!

By Aminah, Taylor and Libby G.

RG’s Class Assembly

This afternoon, RG put on a fantastic assembly all about dinosaurs. They have really enjoyed covering this topic over the last term. They have read a variety of books including Tyrannosaurus Drip, Dinosaurs love underpants and Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School. They retold the story of Harry and the dinosaurs go to school (which was a TV series) and the children dressed up as Harry, a mum, a new boy and the teacher. They all acted out the story, (Harry with his bucket full of dinosaurs) and also labelled a diagram to show the different parts of a dinosaur. The class dipped their feet in some paint and stepped onto a dinosaurs footprint. They challenged us to guess how many feet were in the footprint and surprisingly, there were a lot more than it looked! In total, there were 37 though many guessed lower!

Well done to RG, as it was there very first assembly! We can’t wait to watch the next and many more after that. Thank you to Mrs Gardener, Mrs Lister, Mrs Brooke and Carl for helping them out when they forgot their lines and for organising an amazing assembly!

Mckensey and Emily

3L Class Assembly

On Friday 20th November, class 3L did a interesting assembly on Dinosaur Cove. It was a good way to finish of the week. We found out a lot of good facts about the book and some of the hard work they did in class . All the children spoke clearly and loudly so the parents at the back of the hall could hear. You could tell they worked hard and had done an assembly before. At the end they got an enormous round of applause and made Mr Patterson said he had to nip himself to believe it was only Year 3 and not undergraduates.

By Max and Tom