Year 6 visit From PC Luke Carson.

On Thursday 31st of January, the pupils of Year 6 had a visit from the one and only Luke Carson (a local police constable).

To begin, Luke asked us what we knew about E-Safety. Then he showed us multiple slides on the types of games and websites that are appropriate for 10-11 year-olds. We discussed the games which we play on and Luke gave us suggestions about how to stay safe when we were playing these.

By Isabelle and Alex

Turn Off and Tell!

At Blakehill we think it is important to keep reminding ourselves about our Turn off and Tell rule in school. For those of you who don’t who don’t know what Turn Off and Tell means, it basically means that if you’re online and see something mean or something that makes you feel uncomfortable then you need to turn off the screen and tell an Adult straight away. The person that you should tell is a trusted adult.

By Max