Staying safe online when you are with your friends.

Recently we have done a survey at school to tell our teachers how, where and when we use the internet. We told them that we often go on the internet when we are with our friends or at their houses. We wanted to give you some advice so you know how to stay safe when you are having fun online.

When you are on games where you can talk to other people, THINK… do you know them already? If you don’t, can you be sure that they are who they say they are?  When you are playing games and talking to people, it is only a good idea to talk to people you know because you don’t want to tell strangers things about you – especially not your full name, where you live or your address.

Also when you are online with your friends looking at games and social media sites such as:  Instagram , Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, make sure that you are being kind when you are online. Remember that eventhough you aren’t talking to people in real life, what you say can still upset them. Instead post fun things about what you like and being friendly and nice to each other then the internet will be a nice place.

You need to be careful using internet at a friends house because some things have hacks and viruses. For more information go to our E-Safety section on our website.

By Emily Mae and Emily

Turn Off and Tell!

At Blakehill we think it is important to keep reminding ourselves about our Turn off and Tell rule in school. For those of you who don’t who don’t know what Turn Off and Tell means, it basically means that if you’re online and see something mean or something that makes you feel uncomfortable then you need to turn off the screen and tell an Adult straight away. The person that you should tell is a trusted adult.

By Max

Luke Carson Visits Key Stage Two

This week (and over the next few week for Upper Key Stage Two) we had visit school from Luke Carson a member of the Shipley West Yorkshire Police Cyber Awareness Team. He came and spoke to use all about how to stay safe online (E-Safety). He spoke to use about how easy and how far images and information can travel online. As well as this he told how important it is to not give out our personal information online and to only talk to people we know face to face.

Leave a comment to tell us how you can stay safe online.

E-safety Work in 4L

Class 4L went outside and did some E-safety work.  Miss Lea showed us lots of different statements to consider and think about. Then there were different answers in places around the playground that we had to go to if that was our answer.  These answers were…
I dont know
I not sure if it’s wrong
Whats the big deal
Its an individual choice
Depends on the situation
As long as I don’t get caught

We had to really think carefully about the E-safety involved and choose our answers depending on that.  Mrs Lea was very impressed with our answers though and thought we were very good at knowing how to keep safe!

Safer Internet Day 2015

Next week on Tuesday it is safer internet day!

At Blakehill we talk about E-Safety throughout the year. It is very important that we know how to stay safe while we are online. Throughout the school we will be taking part in some fun activities all about staying safe online.  We won’t just be doing activities we will also be learning how to be safe on the internet. We do this every single year so we don’t forget how important  E-Safety is and how dangerous it can be. Our digital leaders will  be doing an assembly in front of the whole school all about safer internet day.

Keep safe on the internet !


By Elyse 5S