Year 5 Author’s Visit

This morning, after break, Year 5 and a few year 6’s got the exciting experience to meet an author named Margaret Mulligan. She came to introduce the children to her book, which was called Katy Parker and The House That Cried, aimed at 9-12 year olds. It was full of suspense, telling us all about the story of Katy and her brother, who were turned back in time to World War II to find out the mystery of the crying baby…

She read us around two to three pages of different parts of the story and then asked us questions about what we thought and what would happen next. Not only this, but she told us all about the story of her writing it and that her story was turned back for months by publishers who wouldn’t accept it. Until finally, the people who published Harry Potter decided they would take it in and it became a famous book all over the country, winning awards and titles that Margaret never expected to get. Now, she is on the journey of publishing her next book and is again being turned down but the advice she gave us was:  “never give up, just keep on trying and you will eventually get the prize”.

The children found the book very exciting and everybody who bought a copy immediately started reading! Did you get a copy? Did you meet the author?

By Mckensey

Sports Day

This week, Blakehill held our annual Sports Day! Unfortunately, the day we originally planned to do it on was rainy and so it has been held across this week, fitting in also to Health Week! The four houses go head to head (Jupiter,Javelin,Kingfisher and Kestrel). Each class went around the activities spread around the racing track and after each one they added up the scores as they went. The first activity was the Skipping race, where you had to run up the track, skipping! It was quite tricky but alot of fun! After, we walked across to the egg and spoon race, where we had to balance an egg (plastic, thankfully!) on a small spoon and try and carry it to our cone. This one was funny, as we stumbled when the egg fell off and it was hard to get back on! We then headed to the welly-boot race in which you had to race in over-sized welly boots! It was so funny, as the boots never fitted (unless you were lucky!) and were always falling off your feet! The obstacle course was just as much fun, where we had to step through the sprint ladder, go through two hoops, jump over a hurdle, grab a beanbag, go across the stepping stones and throw your bean bag into the hoop and all the way back again! It was tricky and confusing when you got past the hurdle but everyone managed and put so much effort into helping support their team!

Once all of the activities were finished, everybody headed to sit down in the middle around the score board, ready to watch the relay race for Years 5 and 6. The girls went first, each team having four people amongst them. Everyone ran a 100 metre lap and when they reached the finish, they passed the baton to the other racer on their team. The same rule applies for the boys, who went next.

When the race had finished, everybody was very tired and went back to the middle to find out the final results! All in all, everybody had a very fun, exciting time and look forward to next years Annual Sports Day! Who will win?

By Mckensey