The School Disco

On Tuesday, reception, KS1 and KS2 had an amazing disco with an amazing DJ. It was very fun and we had loads of yummy sweets and the PTFA were doing face paint, tattoos and lots more.

The KS1 disco started at 5:00pm and had lots of great and crazy dancing. In the reception classrooms was the food and we think they have raised lots of money from it. They all had a dance until it was time for it to end. They all went out and the PTFA had a clean up for 15 minutes.

The KS2 disco started at 6:15 pm and the description by the KS2 children sounded fabulous. Their Disco was about the same thing but just different songs. The hallways were crowded and it was an amazing time. We all had a superb time.

By Leah, Ruby, Cara and Flo

Neon Disco

On Tuesday the 15th we had an exciting neon disco that was organised by our PTFA. There were sweets, hot dogs, refreshments, flashing lights, and lots more!

First , it was Key Stage 1 from 5.00 to 6.00 then it was Key Stage 2 which was from 6.15 to 7.15. It was two pounds entry and we had lots of fun with dancing, singing and flashing disco lights. In Key Stage 2 we could buy friend ship bracelets, neon glasses, flashing fruit rings , flashing finger lights and lots of other things. Everyone looked funny wearing their neon accessories while they danced.

We had lots of fun dancing and singing with our friends in our bright clothes. We enjoyed it so much we can not wait for the next one!

By Florence and Ruby

School Disco

On Tuesday, our lovely, intelligent school PTFA put together a fun disco for the whole school to enjoy. As soon as letters were sent out, children were thinking about what to wear and how much of their parents money they could spend!

On the day of the disco, people waited outside of the office and payed £2 to get into the hall which was where the disco would commence. The hall was packed with children who were already dancing and having a great time. The DJ was always coming up with fun ideas to keep the children far away from boredom. In these games, you could compete for sweets. ( Haribos, marshmallows etc. ) Also, you could buy things such as : food, sweets , drinks and much much more!

All of the children had an amazing time dancing, playing games, chatting with friends and eating sweets. None of them can wait till the next school event.

Before I end this post, I would like to give a big thanks to the school PTFA for putting this event together for our school. They always put together brilliant events for the children of this school and they never fail to amaze us!

By Libby G

KS2 Master Chef

Every Thursday evening, pupils from year 5 and 6 walk down to the staff room, where all the teachers get a moment of peace, and wait for the four teachers who do Masterchef club. The club started last half term but because so many children applied for a place they only chose an amount and the rest would also get a go at it after Christmas. The new group are now three weeks in and have made three different types of delicious foods. On the first week they were split up into two different groups one small and one big. The small group went into the room next door and were preparing fruit and some vegetables for a wrap.  The other group were making a curry and they too, prepared the ingredients involving: raw chicken, peppers; rice.

On the third week, instead of going into groups they went into Mrs Gardener’s class room and found out that they were making fruit Kebabs. They had a selection of different fruit to impale on a stick. They have seven weeks in total and they have no idea what they are going to make in these weeks! They can’t wait!

By Daniel and Mollie.

Year 1 and 2 Christmas parties

On the 11th of December, Year 1 and 2 had a Christmas party in the school hall. During the event, prizes were won, food was eaten and party games were played such as musical statues, musical bumps, pass the parcel and corners. It was so much fun! The food that was available to eat was; buns, pizza, sweets and many more (Yum!) Key Stage one had very full tummies and smiley faces by the end!

As a surprise for the children, the one and only Santa Claus took a trip to visit them! The children were extremely excited and can only hope he visits again on the 25th! They had a fantastic time that we are sure they will never forget. 

by Cora and Isabelle

Healthy Food Roadshow 2018!

This morning, two teachers – Miss Lea and Mr Harding- did a cook off in different teams in front of the school. On the red chilli’s team were:

Mr Harding


and Emily

On the green pea team were:

Miss Lea



They all cooked a meal (in their teams) in ONLY fifteen minutes using healthy foods. The red chilli team made a vegetarian curry whereas the green pea team made a Thai chicken curry. There was lots of chopping, lots of sizzing and lots of stirring. it smelt amazing! Then their time was up – the votes were in. The winners were… the red chilli team! It was a great assembly to finish off our Health Week and we loved cheering for our teams as they cooked

By Alex

Healthy Eating Roadshow Assembly!

Today we had an assembly to link in with our health week.It was presented by a chef called Ian, he gave us some cards which had two names of two teams that were going to be cooking. The names were: Green peas (the green side) and Red chillies (the red side). However, before people could started to cook, Ian asked us some questions about the different food groups and what was the most efficient food group of them all. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It gives are body fuel so we don’t get hungry before lunch. Then we went through the food groups and which ones we need and which ones we don’t really need or could have as a treat like fatty foods or food high in sugar. Lots of people came up with some funny and very good answers to his questions. Then it was onto the cooking! On the green peas team there was Mrs Russell, Archie from year 5 and Chloe from year 6. The children said they couldn’t cook but Mrs Russell was very confident. Then we were introduced to the Red chillies. In this team there was Mrs Gould,Amelia also from year 5 and Harrison from year 6. No one out of this team was very confident at cooking which was not good, especially Mrs Gould who was almost shaking! Their task was to create a healthy meal in just 15 minutes with the ingredients they had in front of them. As they were cooking Ian asked some people to come out but before they did they had to answer a question. They had to say how both teams were doing and who they were going voted for. You could see the panic and stress on both of the team’s faces! Finally their time was up! The Red chillies had made a healthy chicken stir fry and the Green peas had made a healthy chick pea curry. After Ian invited some people to come and test their wonderful creations it was time for everyone to vote! And the winners were….. GREEN PEAS! It was a wonderful assembly and everyone loved it! I hope lots of children go home and want to cook more exciting healthy meal!


By Emily

Year 6 Cooking Club

On a Friday afternoon, Year 6 go to the staff room every week to make food and sometimes they make drinks. Mrs Pedley and Mrs Horrocks take their time out to help the Year 6 students learn how to cook and make their really nice snacks. After we have made our food, we would fill out a work sheet which have a box to put what ingredients, a safety box to write notes about how to be safe while we work. At the end of the year we will get all our work sheets back like a little cook book! We have made lots of different things over the weeks: today we made some toasties, before we have made smoothies, tea or coffee and some other times we made quesadilla.  When we made tea and coffee we even got to eat a biscuit! So far we have had so much fun and we think this is one of the best lessons!

By Joseph

Year 5 try Greek food!

This week year 5 tried Ancient Greek food to do with their topic on Ancient Greece. They were all really looking forward to trying it. Even Mr Sidebottom and Mrs Feather! These were the foods they had to try:

Carrot sticks

Cucumber sticks

Pitta bread


Grapes (which they made wine from)

Feta cheese


Cucumber dip


They all tried most of the foods even if they looked disgusting! There were a few mishaps and by that I mean spitting some food in the bin. Especially the olives!  They all had a great time and they wish they could do it again!


By Emily

Year 5 try greek food


Blakehill Primary Christmas Dinner 2015

Once again, Christmas time is just around the corner meaning that the cooking staff at Blakehill have provided the school with a scrumptious Christmas dinner as a celebration for this special season. On the Christmas Plate was: sliced turkey, mash potato, roast potato, gravy and sprouts. We also had a choice of either ice cream or chocolate pudding for desert. SUPER YUMMY! It was the best school christmas dinner yet!

By Grace