4J’s Class Assembly

This afternoon, 4J performed a brilliant assembly for the rest of Blakehill, all about World War II. They had been reading a book in their English lessons called Friend or Foe, which is all about two boys who are evacuated to Devon and find two German soldiers, that have crashed from their plane! Using this book, the children have managed to produce multiple pieces of fantastic work such as a diary entry of David (a character in the book), a setting description of the streets that had been bombed and destroyed by the Germans and decision wheels, thinking about what would happen next in the chapter and story.

In topic, the class listened to Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of the war and then wrote from a person who was listening’s point of view. This week, they have learnt a song called “When you’re a kid in World War II” which was very catchy and had a fun rhythm, and sung it to us as they danced around!

This topic was really fun to learn all about and year 4 enjoyed reading the book and looking into the past of the war!

By Mckensey


4L’s Class Assembly

To finish our fascinating week, Mr Lowe’s class wowed us with some facts about World War 2. Recently, year four have been hard at work, they have been learning all  about The events of World War 2 and writing lots! With their fingers aching and arms ready to drop off, we guaranty that they will sleep!

Starting off with some clear readers (who were reading out parts of their work from the last few weeks) shocked the world around them with their great writing. Then they moved on to talk about Friend or Foe , which is a  book that tells  the tale of two boys, I recommend this book it is great!

Next they talked about the dreaded day when we went to war with Germany. That radio announcement must have been so  upsetting for so many people, however on the other side off things the people of Britain did not know that the war would be so long and dreadful. Could you imagine hearing that radio announcement playing in your house?How would you feel? What would you do? They also did writing on this and on a lot off other subjects.

Also through all of this work, they looked at what they would of had then and now like mobile phones they would not of had them then.Fruit was also spoken about they would of had to eat lots of vegetables and fruit. And did you know that during that time period many people had to go to the toilet outside!
World war 2 was a very serious thing that has taken life’s so its important we learn about it so that we don’t find ourselves in another situation like this.

By Emily Mae


Our school think it is very important to make people aware of Remembrance Day. Do you know why we celebrate Remembrance Day? If not, read on and find out the true bravery of people who we think about.

Every year, on the 11th day of the 11th month of 11th hour we have one minute silence were nobody in the whole school can talk not even teachers. During the minute we think about all of the people who died for us. Some people were only 16 years old and were expected to fight for the army. Would you expect your child or friend or relatives to go fight and risk their life at only 16? Brave men and women go and fight for our country. They serve such an important job in and if I ever got to meet a soldier I would say thank you. What would you say would you say?

After World War 1, poppies grew on the battlefields of Northern France and Belgium so that is why we wear poppies to help us remember. The Royal British Legion sell poppies to help soldiers in the war. Buy a poppy and head to your closest church on Sunday when they will celebrate Remembrance Day to say thank you to all our past and present brave men and women soldiers.

Emily Mae

2P Class Assembly

This afternoon, 2P showed off their fantastic assembly that they have been working on over this week on the topic ‘Saltaire’. The class has researched what life was like in the Victorian era – they found out that the living conditions were awful and they even threw their wee and poo in the river. But the most disgusting thing of all was that they drank from it! Back in those days, there were no toilets or running water so they had to get it from the nearby river or the mill. People who worked in the mills were at work for a long period of time every day; it was in awful conditions and everybody had to start at 6 o’clock! Could you imagine?

Children were usually half-timers (they went to school for half they day and worked the other half) but some even worked full time. After a few years, a disease called Cholera was beginning to spread and more and more people were beginning to get ill and unable to work and even keep themselves healthy. The children learnt about Titus Salt and how he wanted these laws to change for the better so he moved out of Bradford, bought some land and that is when he built the whole of Saltaire. He named it this because of Salt, his last name, and Aire, from the name of the river near his land. Over time, he developed and built Salts Mill, houses, a hospital, which got rid of the disease after a long period of time, and a park, where people could go to get fresh air and spend time together instead of being cooped up in the house and just doing the same thing every day.

This topic was very interesting but fun for the class to learn about over this term and loved learning about Titus Salt and his man-made town!

By Mckensey

Year 2’s trip to Saltaire.

On Monday, Year 2 went to Saltaire village, more specifically to Saltaire church, where they went back in time to learn what it would be like. They met a lady called Mrs Dooley who told them about Titus Salt and what it was like to live in the village when it was first built.

They went on a tour to see what the village looked like and they were given bookmarks, which had a person from the past on and they had to find where the person lived and what job or thing they did.

Afterwards, they the went to the park but only the grass part was open they were all angry and frustrated, I imagine the would be writing letters to the owners. Miss Philip was very downhearted because she couldn’t go on the zip line! Instead, she did some drawing and found that just as fun! Once they had been to the park, they went through the mill and saw the David Hockney painting, picking up lots of facts. It was huge, and full of different vibrant colours; they loved it!

The trip was coming to an end, the children hopped back on the bus discussing interesting things they had learnt and laughing about their good memories. Miss Philip was looking forward to all the work they would do!

By Alex with help from Mckensey

3R Class Assembly!

This afternoon, 3R put on a fantastic assembly for Blakehill all about the Stone Age! Over the term, they have been working very hard and have found out lots of interesting facts about the past and the ways the people from the Prehistoric Ages (Atone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age) lived and what they did. The children used iPads to research more information and read a book called Stone Age Boy to give them some more ideas too!

As well as researching, 3R got creative and did some role playing about what life would be like to be a prehistoric person. Not only that, but they decided to do some cave art that was similar to the ones the stone age people made. They did some brilliant drawing of animals like the sabre-tooth tiger, the lion and boars. Doing this, they used watercolour and charcoal just like the past prehistoric age and they turned out amazing.

For the assembly, they learnt a song that was called Stone and the children recorded it with their own words which turned out to be quite tricky! Also, they made sabre-tooth necklaces, using clay to shape the teeth and bones, then painting them to look realistic! They turned out really well and are a great example of jewellery from the past.

This term, they have put in so much effort and hard work leading up to this afternoons assembly! Mrs Rashid quoted, “We were so nervous all week but have pulled it off brilliantly this afternoon! I am so proud and will miss them next year!”
All in all, they performed an amazing assembly and worked really hard to make sure it was perfected. Well done 3R!

By Mckensey

Year 5 Yorkshire Museum Trip!

After what seemed like hours upon days and months upon years, it was time for year 5’s school trip! They had been consistently learning about Anglo Saxons they had already learnt plenty; but were about to learn a whole lot more. Enthusiastically, lots of curious children waited to arrive at the location of their day. Sitting bored, like watching paint dry, people played games and talked to there neighbour – the person who sat next to them- after 1 hour…

” We have arrived!” Mrs Hall smiled.                                                                  
” First we have a bit of a walk,” pointed out Mrs Russell.                                           
” Don’t leave anything on the bus,” worried Mrs Brook.
As we walked, we saw lots of interesting points like a wall built by the Anglo Saxons; we all realised where they were in York although we did know were we were going, we did not expect to see something like that just there. We journeyed  on – we were going to York Museum!

Our first thing after learning the rules and putting our delicious lunch away,was all about where the different tribes settled. A huge map lay like a carpet across the floor and we put different little figures, that were like statues, of the Angles, the Saxons, the Romans, the Normans and the Vikings. This pinpointed the different parts of the map that they all came from and their way of attacking York and Britania (an Anglo Saxon word for England). After we split into groups, we went round the tables and did a human timeline, making our own Saxon coins, circling what a man or a woman would have on them, labelling which parts of the world the armies came from and to top it all off, we learnt how to sword fight!

After a quick lunch, we jumped onto our next activity, firstly talking around the carpet and discussing our tasks. Then, we had to discover clues of who stole the bread from Aelle. Along the way, we did lots of creative tasks involving; weaving bracelets, wove wool to make a blanket, played a game of knucklebone and Myrles, used stylus’ to copy the front of a helmet and used a quill with ink to colour in an old picture. It turns out the beastly eight year old Harold, who did not like the bread, sabotaged the feast and was the theif who stole the bread! As his punishment, he got wacked with a stick for 10 mins in front of everyone. Sadly, it was then time to leave and we all packed up, went to the toilet and trooped off back to the bus. It was a fantastic day, had by all and everybody enjoyed it!

By Emily Mae and Mckensey

1W’s class Assembly

Today Mrs Wardell’s class held an assembly all about castles and their  time at Skipton Castle! To start they explained what a castle was for and the features like having small archway windows which  were used for archers to shoot arrows at the enemy’s. Also they used to have a draw bridge with a mote underneath it. Then they started to talk about their time on their trip. They explained the dungeons that they went into and that you could’ve been trapped in for 13 weeks! They had to learn 2 songs about their topic for the assembly, which they sang wonderfully! They did a fantastic job of remembering all the words on top of their lines. It was a great assembly, check it out in the video below.

by Alex

Year 1’s amazing trip to Skipton Castle

Scorching sun poured through the clear window casting shadows on the cream wall, Year 1 were already at school!  Packing into the small, tight and full bus they set off for a huge adventure to a ancient castle. Ready for what came their way a rose-red smile spreed across every face.HOLT! They came to a stop after miles of boring travelling they had finally arrived for a fantastic day out. Are you wondering why they were at Skipton Castle? Its easy, they have been learning all about knights!

They all had a fantastic morning tour around the castle. They are such lucky people going on a wonderful trip like this they even got to see this massive fire which is how they cooked food and a very important tree left standing for more than 300 years! Yes you did read correctly – 300 years. They learnt lots and lots of new thing whilst on their trip.

Like hungry beasts they clambered to the dinner hall, ready to take bites out of their sandwiches. After lunch, they did some great drawings of different things they saw around the castle grounds and the castle itself, we have some brilliant artists in this year and I am excited to get a glimpse of the art! After all this fun packed adventure all they could think about was sleeping. Exhausted, they got on the purple and white bus once more before they were home. Blake was so tired he could not help drifting off. They had a lovely time and are already looking forward to the next adventure.

By Emily Mae

5H Assembly

Lights flicker and darkness spreads, the whole school eagerly wait on the end of their seats,as the movie starts.  All the school sit in Odean-Blakehill to watch a great Greek film. Casually the boss of the Odean walk in. Silencing us, especially a man sat at the back of the cinema (the hall) which I am glad of ,as he was making a racket. It began. Two wise children were bored at home they were bored of the raining, storming and horrible weather. So they went to see what was on there old-fashion television. First was a battle between Sparta and Athene it showed people talking about they differences between them and two people hit each other in battle, it most of hurt!

Next up chose by Mckensey was a great fashion change with a beautiful model. She did a dreamy hair flick and walk on the catwalk. Sadly Spencer stopped it and the model with a toga stopped next up was a sale of great vase but the man who was selling kept saying vase instead of varse (vase) but as time went on it was stopped again! Finally, to finish this wonderful event off they sang a song with little solos and it explained everything about the Greeks.The bright lights turned back on it was over. It was a truly great assembly all about the ancient Greeks that 5H have been learning about. Have a look at it for yourselves below.

By Emily Mae