5H Assembly

On Friday 22nd of April class 5H performed an assembly in front of their parents and the rest of the school. There assembly was about The Ancient Greeks and they even performed one of the myths The Trojan Horse, you could see they had put a lot of work into their acting. They also told us about other things such as: The Olympic Games , Greek Architecture(columns), democracy and Words that Greeks created. They also told us about Greek theatres and if you win the Olympics you get the best seats in the house, you were able to tell the emotions of the actors by the masks they wore. Matthew made a Greek Collesium for his homework project and it told you facts about Collesiums inside along with real sand.Billy and Ben made a short film for there homework project there were lots of interesting facts on there, it was also really funny too.


By Tom

Year 1’s trip to Skipton Castle

On Tuesday the 19th of April year 1 went on a school trip to Skipton Castle. They went to Skipton Castle because they went to learn about the Medieval times. The castle is made out of brick and it is extremely cold. Brrrr! The lower part of the castle looks just like a skirt because when people were in the army they used it as a base and the bottom part, which looks like a skirt, was there so the enemy couldn’t climb up it. While year 1 was there they saw something called the murder hole which they would drop people down. The family who owned Skipton Castle was called the Clifford family.

Year 1 had a fantastic time at Skipton Castle. They learnt lots of new facts and enjoyed it there. They were all well behaved and well mannered! They also said that they would love to go again.


By Elyse

Year 5 visit Leeds Museum

Today year 5 went to Leeds Museum. They set off in a Dewhirst  bus and they were very excited! When they got there they met there tour guide Sara. and they split into groups of 10 and each group got name based on ancient Greece. They were named:

Spartan Monkeys

Hoplite Heroes

Zeus’s Army

They got points for teamwork, answering questions and getting them right. The first three activities were mask making, coin making and working out what objects were in the bag. Everyone worked well as a team and got lots of points. Then they went up to an ancient world were they had 10 minutes to find some things out about the artefacts around of them, after which they did a presentation about. They all really enjoyed their time at the museum and I’m sure some of them will go back to learn even more!

By Emily

Year 4 are evacuated to the North York Moors for the day!

Year 4 have been to the North York Moors today to take part in their World War Two weekend. They were evacuated on a stem train where they sang World War Two songs and learnt all about life at home during the war. They explored the tiny village of Grosmont and saw how different life would have been for children who were evacuated.

We hope you had a great time everybody. Thank you for making us proud with your exemplary behaviour and interesting questions!


Year 4 are evacuated for the day! on PhotoPeach

Year 1 visit The Industrial Museum

Year one have visited The Industrial Museum today as part of their Jowett cars topic. They had a brilliant time learning all about the cars and taking in part in the Washday Workshop to learn about what everyday life was like in the past.

Year 1 Industrial Museum on PhotoPeach

Ruby’s Egyptian report about Cleopatra 4L

cleopatraCleopatra VII

Have you ever wondered who Cleopatra VII was? And what she does? Now is your chance to find out loads about her. None of this is my opinion so you’ll have to believe me. Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt, kings and queens were called Pharaohs, so Cleopatra was one. Any Pharaoh had ruled for 3,000 years all the way back in time BC! This amazing ruler (Pharaoh) lived in Greece, but moved to ancient Egypt when Alexander the Great invaded. Also Cleopatra had a few siblings. Read on for more funtastic facts…

Family and early life
Cleopatra was born by her parents Ptomemy XII Aulets (dad) and Cleopatra V of Egypt. Amazingly, Cleopatra VII was born a princess. Later on her mother had a baby boy which was Cleo’s brother. Unfortunately, at 30BC Cleo died. She only lived for 39 years. Cleopatra’s family, each individual one, moved to Greece, not just the people she lived with.

On the reign
When Cleopatra owned the throne in Egypt she liked Julius Ceaser  who was a Roman Emperor at the time, so they got married. At the time, they had 3 children. Well, before Cleopatra VII was on the throne Tutancarman owned it. When Julius left Cleo she got married to Mark Antony. Both of Cleo’s husbands shared the throne. At the age of 19 Cleopatra was declared Pharaoh. So she ruled for 21 years.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked my funtastic facts!

VE Day

This week we had a visitor. He came and taught us about WW2. We acted out scenes that would of happened during the time. My group acted out a scene and I had to put a gasmask on. It felt really funny and wierd. It must of been horrible for people in war wearing them all the time. The mask looked like a pig snout. He brought all the things we’d need to act out. He came in different classes we acted out scenes and we acted VE day.

Year 4 visit Danelaw

Year 4 went on a school trip to Danelaw to learn about Romans life. They have been looking at them this term in their Topic lessons.

While they were there they took part in a number of activities which included; training to be Roman soldiers, guarding a Roman fort and defending it from invasion. They even had the chance to eat similar foods that the Romans would have had thousands of years ago.
As you can see from the pictures, they had a great time and the weather was fantastic!

2G’s Class Assembly

2G performed their fantastic assembly today, about the Great Fire of London in 1666! They spoke loud and clear, and everyone learned lots about the disastrous fire in London, many many years ago.

They enjoyed their interesting visit from Alex Fellowes, playing the role of a witness of the great fire, and learned lots of fascinating things from him. 2G  did brilliant in their assembly, as well as having lots of fun telling everyone about their fantastic time.


By Keira 5H