Ingleborough Hall – Thursday

Our last full day has been really eventful.
Each group has had the opportunity to engage in all the activities which were:

  • Gorge scrambling
  • Caving
  • Tree climbing
  • Long walk
  • Village study
  • Country dancing

Please take a look at the photos below and leave a comment.





Ingleborough Hall – Wednesday

Although the sun wasn’t out today, this did not stop us from continuing our fun activities in Clapham.

Group 1 enjoyed tree climbing with Mrs Hall this morning and gorge scrambling this afternoon with Mrs Ross. What a wonderful and enthusiastic group they were.
Group 2 took part in gorge scrambling with Mrs Cavalier-Lumley and Mrs Hudson this morning followed by a History learning walk around the village with Mrs Hall and Mrs Cavalier-Lumley.

Group 3 took the clockwise route on the long walk with Mrs Javed and Mr Cavalier-Lumley whist Mr Patterson and Mrs Horrocks took group 4 n the anticlockwise route.
Finally group 5 completed the village study with Mr Rhodes and Mrs Ross and spent the afternoon caving.
Each group continued to impress the adults they were working with.
In the evening, In the evening the children enjoyed activities such as Nightline, Batz and the tunnels and telescope. Those children who completed the night activities yesterday enjoyed a DVD.

Below are the pictures of the groups enjoying their activities.



5R Assembly

Wowing the viewers, another fantastic year five assembly  has come back to fascinate us on there first experience in year five they have already got through lots off impressive work and its almost time for a break. However, the teachers have very different ideas; apparently  there residential was there break Ingleborough Hall. Even more impressive, between all of that they manage to squish in poetry week. Some odd poems where included and one was written half backward! One was practically nonsense about pigs robbing banks and parrots lazying around and Hong dong bong.  Last but not least one about a bat they where all great.

Ingleborough Hall was full of adventure they did lots of challenging events and they even did a dance plus they did a very tiring nine mile walk. This is all from year five however lets take a moment too appreciate how much they did.

Emily Mae