Luke Carson Year 5

On Tuesday, a police man (Luke Carson) came in and talked about online safety with Year 5. He even challenged Miss Lancaster to name the symbols of some apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, Fortnite and more. Mrs Lancaster didn’t get all of them but got most.

We also did an activity on a work sheet matching up the names of them and the appropriate age that you should be to play. Luke put on a video about a girl who put up a picture of herself with all of her personal information on. We learnt that we shouldn’t do because some adults pretend to be kids!

We have learnt lots from this and will use it when we are on the internet. It was very useful and we all enjoyed it.

By Flo, Ruby and Leah

Luke Carson Year 4 visit

On Monday, someone named Luke Carson, who is a police officer, visited Y4 to talk about E-Safety.

He started off, by asking us about things to do with E-Safety and whichever group had the most points at the end of the quiz won a prize (which was 5 house points). When we finished the quiz, all the groups had a score of 12 so we had to guess his age. It was 32.

Then in the other class, 4H, after the quiz he told us that he lied and was an 8 year old girl called Zoe. Then, he asked us how do we know if he was? Dexter said, ”Because he was a boy.” He then asked how do you know that. Christopher said because he was bald. That was obvious. The real learning point was that online we don’t know what people actually look like so it is much harder to know when people are telling the truth.

It was really helpful and we are sure that Year 5 will enjoy theirs next week.

by Ava, Mollie and Ivy

Year 6 visit From PC Luke Carson.

On Thursday 31st of January, the pupils of Year 6 had a visit from the one and only Luke Carson (a local police constable).

To begin, Luke asked us what we knew about E-Safety. Then he showed us multiple slides on the types of games and websites that are appropriate for 10-11 year-olds. We discussed the games which we play on and Luke gave us suggestions about how to stay safe when we were playing these.

By Isabelle and Alex

Luke Carson visit

On the 24th of the January, Year 4 had an important visitor named Luke Carson.

The reason he came to our school is so that he could talk to Year 4 all about E-Saftey. Firstly, he introduced himself by telling them his name and saying where he worked (for the police). After he had done that, Mr Hodges handed out the white boards and the children got right into a quiz all about E-Saftey and generally being safe on the internet.

In the quiz you could earn points and the team with the most points at the end of the quiz wins!!! After the quiz, they watched a short clip recapping the points raised in the quiz. As swell as the quiz, they thought about which pictures should be shared online and which are best to be kept private.

Year 4 had loads of fun testing their knowledge and we know the rest of KS2 cannot wait until it is their turn to learn with Luke.

Isabelle and Mia

E-Safety with Luke Carson

On Thursday afternoon, Year 6 had a visit from PCSO Luke Carson, who had come to talk to us about Online Bullying. Firstly, he spoke to us about the crimes that people can be fined and arrested for for Online Bullying and told us how much they would have to pay, how long they would be imprisoned for and that if your 10 years old or over then you were legally allowed to be arrested. He also spoke to us about the different types of Online Bullying such as: Trolling, harassment, mean comments, threats, hurtful comments and inappropriate pictures and videos.

Afterwards, we did an investigation about trying to find out who was the correct suspect in a online bullying crime. There were several clues and 10 suspects and we had to work out which one was the correct one. Going through the clues, many of us were set upon suspect 10 as he fitted all of the clues however when we looked closer, we saw that the phone number was one digit incorrect to the number in the clue. Then , we looked at suspect 4 who had all unknown information but was the only one left who matched the clues!

Luke Carson showed us a depressing but serious video of a boy who was being bullied just because he got an answer right in class. All of his classmates made fun of him and sent awful messages and emails to him via online and even made a website called, which was a really horrible thing to do. This depressed the boy and he decided to record all of his thoughts and emotions on a video camera. But his mum found it just in time before he began to have serious thoughts and took it into school, who took the matter to the police. It was a really upsetting story but made us realise thats how easy it is to get bullied and that you should always be kind and caring to your classmates no matter what.

To finish it off, we listened to a funky song about fighting off bullies and it motivated us all to dance and sing along to support everybody who has been bullied or is being bullied now. Luke Carson taught us a really serious lesson but we really enjoyed it and made us think alot about what we do to our friends and how we treat people in every day life.

By Mckensey and Emily Mae

Luke Carson visited Year Six

This afternoon, Year Six had a surprise visit from Luke Carson to talk about e-safety. To start off  we talked about what apps we already had where you can talk online. On the board were a selection of apps that Luke thought we might have such as : Whatsapp, Roblox, Snapchat,Xbox and Movie star planet. After that, we discussed what we thought was the correct age for us and we learnt what ages all the apps were. Luke also asked us if we had any chat rooms or things like facebook. Most of us answered no but a few answered yes and were very shocked to find out the correct ages.

We moved on to our next activity, where we had to choose what we thought would be appropriate to put online. A sheet of paper was placed in front of us, and we ticked what would be appropriate such as our age, first name and cartoon pictures. We learnt the types of personal information we could share. We found this very interesting! The Pegi signs were what we look at next therefore we learnt what all the signs meant and what games included what symbols. Continuing, we talked some more and then in groups we were given a profile picture and underneath some information about the character. We had to decide whether or not we would accept them or not. Finally to finish off the visit, we discussed the importance of being SMART online.

Once again, we thank Luke Carson – a local police officer – for coming in talk to our school.  By Emily Mae

Luke Carson Visits Blakehill

Yesterday, Luke Carson and one of his colleagues (nicknamed Ginge) came to visit Year 5 at Blakehill to talk all about cyber bulling and internet safety. To start off, he showed us alot of the technology from the 90’s (when your parents were probably little, or your older siblings!). Here are a few examples: Mario Kart (and the Super Mario), Nokia (known as the Nokia brick), Nintendo SNEZ, N64, PS1. Good old 90’s. Also there was a tamagotchi, which you had to look after like a pet and Snake the Game, which you could play on your ‘Nokia Brick’. We all know it’s still a popular game, even though its old!

Then we went on to discussing the good and bad things about posting pictures and going on online games. It’s not a bad thing to be online but you must make sure that you stay safe and only talk to people you know. The good thing about being online is that you can communicate with your friends and family but only when making sure it’s the real them!

After this, we moved on to an age restriction quiz. This surprised many people as things like Youtube were a 13+! We had around 8 apps to connect to their names and then to the age restrictions. However, alot of things that year 5 and 6 and even 3 and 4 use were over their ages! Most of us got this quiz wrong, as when we are on the internet, we think it is ok to go on the things we like but sometimes it’s really not and we don’t know!

Remember kids, to be safe on the internet and don’t get yourself into trouble! If you don’t like or see something when you are on the inter web, turn off and tell!

By Mckensey and Emily Mae


Luke Carson talks to Year 5

On Thursday (9th of March 2017) Luke Carson, the amazing and responsible police officer, came into teach year 5 all about online bulling, which is a very devastating thing that happens all around the world. Sometimes people can be so unhappy that they commit suicide, which is never the answer.  If you feel like you are been bullied then speak out you never are alone! If you feel you can not talk to your parents then talk to your teacher or your friends.

First, as a table, we combined our brains to complete a hard puzzle.We had to wisely join the crime names to what they were and also to how long they would go to jail for. Though as it is, we all managed to complete the challenge. Next we watched a very emotional video off a poor, young,rejected and lonely boy who, every time a horrible thing popped up on the scream of his new phone (like a message saying you’re ugly), got hurt on the inside and outside. This was to show us how bad it can damage feelings inside. Sadly, this affects many people. We also found out that the majority of online bullies are actually girls but that’s not to see that boys don’t do it too.
If you have ever sent one of these nasty messages or are thinking about it then STOP and think how you would feel if someone consistently was sending horrid messages to you.

We thank the great officer Luke Carson for coming in to show us why we should not bully and for telling us what do if we feel we (or our friends) are being bullied online. And remember if you see something we don’t like on a device TURN OFF AND TELL!

Bye Emily Mae 🙂