Times Table Rock Stars


We’d like to tell you a bit about TT Rockstars which you can play at home or in our after school club. You should play times table rock stars because you can verse your friends, dress up in your style and be a footballer. It is a super fun way to learn times tables for 1×1 to 12×12. It is really fun and you can easily learn your times tables. If you go on garage and you get five questions right you will earn fifty coins {1 question =10 coins but only on garage!} If you go on a game called arena your points won’t be timed by ten although you will still get some points.

It is a great way to practise your times tables and have fun with your friends!

By Ivy, Ava and Hannah

Maths Mastery

This week everyone from Year 2 to Year 6 enjoyed Maths Mastery Week and so got to do lots of maths mastery challenges in the hall. There was a range of different activities. In fact, 26 problems of all different levels! Some off  the problems were: Tangrams, Rubix cubes and towers of Hanoi which were fun and challenging. We found them really hard but wanted to solve them all so we gave it a go. Years 1 to 2 got to work together to solve some of the more difficult problems. All of the school enjoyed the workshop and learnt new maths challenges and some even wanted to do it again!

All of  the classes got to take some time off their normal lessons and did extra fun maths. We loved it and would do it all again.

By Pasha and Taylor

RD assembly

Have you ever been interested in the exciting, cheery and hardworking life of a reception child? Well if so this blog is meant for you! Before today I thought reception just played, well I’ve been proved wrong as they did a fantastical assembly that was all about the hard work they do! I was very impressed with everything they get done in a day for such young people, they work incredible tough! My mind boggles to how they fit all this word in. I’m surprised that by the end of the day their not on the floor.

This assembly really showcases how great these children are. In the morning, the first thing they do is phonics and can sound out letters like a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,o and so on. They can read words like dog,cat,the,hat,log,bog,pat and book. Which is very impressive, I would be so proud of my class if I was their teacher. They are as clever as scientists! In maths they can count to ten and subtract and add! They have done so much more and each day are accomplishing lots more every minute.They also showed what they did for world book day where they looked at the story of room on the broom. They did some perfect acting of room on the broom they had a cat, dog, bird and a leaping, pea green frog. Last but not least, a nice and cackling witch. These people are better than actors or actresses! Sadly, all thing have to come to a end and soon enough it had finished.Good luck in reception and I hope they learn lots more.

By Emily Mae


On Wednesday, Mr Sidebottom held an assembly (for KS2) -which are probably held every 3 weeks – this amazing assembly is all about maths. In this assembly teachers give in some people’s MATHS work which has been impressive. These children get a maths award which is a a certificate and a pencil.

And it doesn’t stop there! No way! Mr Sidebottom does a KIRF competition where children are quizzed on their mental maths in front of EVERYONE!

This time it was the marvellous year 6! Three children were chosen to shout out them KIRFS read below to find out ….

6R       VS      6W 

Adam               Lily

Elyse                Iqra

Darcy               Charlotte 

By Macie



Lego Workshop

On Thursday 12th May Year 2 did a Lego Workshop and on the 13th May Year 5 also did a  Lego Workshop. The person that came in was from the company called Junior STEM, the word STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. The man that came in was called Mr Hawken. We had to make a merry- go- round and to do so we had to include: a laptop, a censor, a motor, a hub and lots of Lego pieces. On the laptop we looked at the instructions that were given to us by Mr Hawken and then built it with the lego pieces.We also learnt how to programme them to spin  with a computer. Finally, we made backgrounds and tunes to go with this. Everyone enjoyed it and wished he could come again sometime.

By Tom and Max


Year 5 Lego Robots on PhotoPeach

4L Times Table Champions

This week time tables have been great! In 4L maths group the time tables have been flying out, the children have obviously been working very hard.
It all comes down to this who will be the winners?
It was a great effort from everyone who was involved but the winners are…..
and last but not least Jimmi.

Well done everyone you did fantastic. Good look for everyone for next week! Remember to keep practising if you want to be in with a chance of winning!

By Emily Mae

Miss Lea’s Times Table Champions

Miss Lea has her results for time table champions, good luck!

And the winners are….





and last but not least is


Well done to everyone. They have all worked very hard and this will definitely help for when they go up through school. Keep practicing Year 4 and maybe next time you will be a winner next time.


Emily Mae