Year 6 SATS

This week, both Year 6 classes have tried their very hardest to get the best scores they could possibly in their SATS.

Year 6 children were split into 3 groups. Unfortunately, the first group had to be in school by 8:00. On Monday, Year 6 had to face their biggest fart: Sats (hehehe). Firstly, they had to do the SPAG and the spelling test that had 20 questions. Both classes got through the tests with ease.

After that, they had their reading test. Most of Year 6 were worried about finishing this test , however it was easier than they thought. Lastly, they had their maths and arithmetic tests. After that, it was freedom!

Year 6 are now thinking about their ( hopefully ) fabulous production at the end of the year along with relaxing.

We hope that Year 6 have an amazing rest of the year ( without having to worry about tests 🙂 )

Libby G and Daniel

Year 5 trip to St Cuthbert’s church

On Thursday Year 5,went to the amazing St Cuthbert’s church to learn about Easter. First, they listened to the story of Easter then did some activities which included: crosswords, word searches and planting their very own plant. Finally they went back to school because they had finished their craft activities. Everybody was really tired and wanted to fall into a deep sleep as soon as they got home. They massively enjoyed the fabulous trip to St Cuthbert’s church and hope to go again.

By Mollie

Healthy Food Roadshow 2018!

This morning, two teachers – Miss Lea and Mr Harding- did a cook off in different teams in front of the school. On the red chilli’s team were:

Mr Harding


and Emily

On the green pea team were:

Miss Lea



They all cooked a meal (in their teams) in ONLY fifteen minutes using healthy foods. The red chilli team made a vegetarian curry whereas the green pea team made a Thai chicken curry. There was lots of chopping, lots of sizzing and lots of stirring. it smelt amazing! Then their time was up – the votes were in. The winners were… the red chilli team! It was a great assembly to finish off our Health Week and we loved cheering for our teams as they cooked

By Alex

Halloween Disco Slime!

On Tuesday the 17th of October, Blakehill will be having a Halloween disco to celebrate the spooky holiday. However, there is a twist because over the past few weeks, a group ,consisting of ten people in year 5 and 6, have come together every Monday afternoon to come up with something to sell and have finally decided – it’s SLIME! We will be selling small pots of slime for 50p each that you can squish, poke, stretch and will relieve stress on school or work! Its really funny to feel and has funky names like Voldermort’s Snot and Wizards Hair Gel! So be sure to come and buy our spooky item and check the flyer that went out for more details! Remember.. when you see slime, think HALLOWEEN TIME!

By Mckensey

5H Assembly

Lights flicker and darkness spreads, the whole school eagerly wait on the end of their seats,as the movie starts.  All the school sit in Odean-Blakehill to watch a great Greek film. Casually the boss of the Odean walk in. Silencing us, especially a man sat at the back of the cinema (the hall) which I am glad of ,as he was making a racket. It began. Two wise children were bored at home they were bored of the raining, storming and horrible weather. So they went to see what was on there old-fashion television. First was a battle between Sparta and Athene it showed people talking about they differences between them and two people hit each other in battle, it most of hurt!

Next up chose by Mckensey was a great fashion change with a beautiful model. She did a dreamy hair flick and walk on the catwalk. Sadly Spencer stopped it and the model with a toga stopped next up was a sale of great vase but the man who was selling kept saying vase instead of varse (vase) but as time went on it was stopped again! Finally, to finish this wonderful event off they sang a song with little solos and it explained everything about the Greeks.The bright lights turned back on it was over. It was a truly great assembly all about the ancient Greeks that 5H have been learning about. Have a look at it for yourselves below.

By Emily Mae